Welcome to the Matt and Cyn reality show where Matt crawls in the attic with the spiders and Cyn sips on her coffee while directing him to point the insulation blower to the left because he missed a spot!!

Dream Big and have that coffee, eat that donut and flip that house!

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

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This blog is about the trials and tribulations of renovating homes. Everything that can go wrong most likely will so if you are the type of personality that expects everything to go as is from the morning to the end, then this is not a venture you should ever consider. If you’re the kind of person that loves change, problem-solving and making things work; even if the reality says they won’t, then I recommend you start flipping homes.

Can flipping homes be lucrative, yes it can. Can you lose your tail when u flip, yes you can if you are not on top of everything. This is my second flip and I can guarantee you that everything will be different than the last one. The first home you flip; you will learn for your next one! You can eliminate the possibility of the latter by doing your homework upfront. Don’t just open up your web browser one day and say “oh I love this, house I’m going to go buy it.” There’s an old adage in real estate and it’s 100%.. true..the entire idea of investing in real estate is always about location location location. You could get the best deal on a home in a bad location and sit on that house for two years and not be able to sell it. Find a little town somewhere that maybe is within walking distance to the school, low crime, has a nice yard, real estate taxes aren’t high because you won’t find a lot of investors bidding on Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae homes or REO (bank owned homes) that had gotten foreclosed on in smaller markets. Find that little town that has everything you need to turn the house over quickly; renovate it, list it; sell it and move on. Some things you should consider when you’re looking at these homes is the foundation, is it solid, is the basement dry, how is the drywall or plaster, does it need repaired, insulation, how’s the furnace, hot water tank and really really read your inspection report because Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will give you a detailed inspection report and pay attention to those details as that makes a big difference. The utilities generally aren’t turned on but sometimes the electric is on as in this home I just bought and the gas and water or sewage usually aren’t. When some of the things in the house are deficient in those areas, those are not always deal breaker’s. That’s why it’s important to budget every aspect of the purchase. I was sloppy, went overboard, let contractors steal from me as I trusted too much and I just took too long to finish it. On this home, I was going to use a contractor that I really did trust because he was able to be there and finish in four weeks. I asked him several times in front of the realtor if he’s sure he can commit before I made the offer and he reassured me. Well after I made the offer, sent the earnest check in I decided that I could not live with his request of half the money up front for his labor. In general, contractors can ask for a down payment up front but asking for half was way more risky than I was willing to be. I told you everything is different this time around. What this contractor didn’t understand was that up front money usually covered his cost for material but since I took care of all that; no up front was necessary. I don’t know a job you walk onto and you get two weeks salary before you lifted a hammer. He kept demanding and I kept saying no I can’t do that and I’m not doing that this time. A real piece of work theft contractor stole a sizeable amount of money from me last time…be careful on Craig’s List, and I refuse to allow that to ever happen again. I stood my ground, he said he couldn’t take the job and I said good-bye. The actual person I wanted to do it works a full-time job but he agreed to do it and he said he will be done in four or five weekends so I don’t know what that other contractor was thinking that he thought he was going to get all this money and telling me it was 30 days of work for two people…..

Prior to you making your bid, you should’ve done all your homework on the real estate in the area. What sold in the last six months, what’s listed right now and for what price, and you should try to do your own comps in the area because once you buy the home, put the money in it and do all the work and the appraisal comes in and it’s not appraised near what you spent on the house: you’re in some deep trouble. The bank won’t lend more than the appraised value. That’s why it’s important to budget every aspect of the purchase from beginning to end. There are quite a few websites that will help you do that you can go to Trulia.com, Realtor.com, Zillow.com and more.

Lack of preparation in this field is the number one reason why people lose money flipping. That was me on house number one, that won’t be me on house number two. I didn’t lose money but I made $ 25,000 less than I should have because of a theft loser contractor and me taking too long to finish. Don’t listen to anyone but yourself. It could take 1 to 2 months to figure the perfect house out. I highly recommend that you spend that time finding the right home and doing your homework. I’m giving you solid advice so you don’t make the same mistakes I made the first time. This time I used Google Sheets. It’s a completely free program that allows you to use the Excel part of it to make a perfect budget out to guarantee you make your maximum profits. Make it a point to stick to budget and at the same time maximizing your choices on some really great unique things inside the home. Everyone wants something in their new home their family, friends and neighbors don’t have so go the extra in putting at least 15 different ideas in the home that gives it some serious “sex appeal”.

In my experience, when I walk into dilapidated and dated home I can envision it completed and then I think even completely updated, do I like the area, is the yard an area for children to play safe in, is there a garage and is the lay out doable. You don’t want a master bedroom in an area they have to traipse through the kitchen to get to. Some older homes are set up that way so really try to see someway you can use the space in a better way. There are a lot of homes out there for sale so set yours apart from all the others. Use the internet to look at your competition and what’s selling. Some of the things that I notice when I’m looking at homes and I know buyers are noticing when they’re buying homes is the lighting up to date and modern. No one wants to buy a home with 1960 lighting so make it current. You can look at Houzz, Pinterest or just google modern lighting, loftlighting, etc. there are some great ideas. There’s a great site, I know people….it’s in China, that has quality lighting that’s priced so reasonable that you can light your home with lights no one has but you. I really don’t like buying out of the country but let’s face it here people life is about the bottom dollar sometimes! Paint color is very important. Stay always from bold cold colors please. Homes sell better with fresh warm grays, beiges and soft yellow. Do not cheap out on a white contractor thin paint. Lowe’s and Home Depot have rebates for Sherwin-Williams paints all the time, Sherwin-Williams offers a 30% coupon about four times a month in their paint. And being cheap with the paint will just cause you to have to put four coats of paint on the wall paying a painter triple the money or spending triple your time painting however you choose to do that. When I purchase a home, I really like solid wood cabinets….but I’m certainly not afraid of laminate either. Generally the stain or paint is hideous and outdated. It’s amazing what a $99 can of Sherwin-Williams emerald urethane trim enamel will do to kitchen cabinets. I got my last can for this home 30% off. On this house we did decide to prime the cabinets first with an oil based paint. You can paint latex over oil-base but NEVER oil base over latex. Remember that! We use the spray can because it was quicker and went on much smoother. The cabinets were a very dark chocolate so we used a gray Rustoleum two times primer flat.

I know the hardware in these cabinets was amazing. We’re they dated, yes. My contractor said get rid of the hardware it’s hideous. Had I not done my research and realized that hardware on those cabinets was selling for $21 for one piece and I have 30 pieces in the kitchen. I did clean all the hardware in a white vinegar and sprayed the Rustoleum gray hammer to match the rest of the stainless steel in the kitchen. These are all dated hardware but big chunky pieces are coming in now and they’re selling them at 21 a piece so don’t just throw out every piece of hardware that you see in the house . If I wanted that type of hardware in the kitchen, and had to purchase it, it would’ve cost me upwards of $600 for the amount of cabinets in there . Because I was curious to see the difference, I sanded, cleaned and primed one cabinet. Be reminded that the inserts were yellowing plastic and I was going to remove them as there are 6 cab with that and put metal sheets in there but I do like it like this so I’ll only metal sheet the two cabs on the coffee island. Yes I’m turning an old built in desk area in the kitchen because apparently there was an era that it was popular to make your child do their homework in the kitchen!! But I’m glad because there’s going to be an amazing coffee bar there now! Take a peek at an original and finished cabinet. One down, 29 more to go.

Tomorrow we will talk about using a realtor at resell and I’ll give you a great option to save thousands in realtor fees!! We are going to talk about contractors, contracts and so much more. As this flip starts, I’ll be blogging daily to give you updates. We will talk about taxes, investors, dealers, and ways you can finance your home without it costing you much at all!

A little sneak peak of the home we will be diving into over the next 6 weeks! Make no mistake about it, I spent a good two months locating the perfect home. Our intent is to rent it out but given it’s hard to find great renters who take care of other people’s property we shall see. . I have rented two others out for longer than a year and both were bad tenants so cross your fingers as we take you on a journey with us with funny vids and a lot of joking around. I did not want to give the address away as you curious~minded people would google the interior and not appreciate our before and after!!! Please trust me when I tell you this; it’s ugly but it won’t be in six weeks. Some of the things that I have in mind to really give this home some great uniqueness is we’re adding a fourth bedroom off the living room and it’s going to have an open closet concept with the old industrial shelving, I’m incorporating a 36 inch sliding barn door in that master bedroom, and then I want to put another sliding barn door in a hall closet because it’s so close to the bathroom in the hall that when the doors open people can’t get by so we will pop a slider in there; and the two front windows will have sliding barn window coverings. There’s so much more that I just can’t give it all to you right now and give away all the secrets. Let me just tell you Pinterest has nothing on Cyntrest!!

Where did I go?

Shortly, we’ll I’m going to say, three weeks after I bought my last home, we got custody of our 4 year old grandson, so I kind of disappeared from my blog but the work continued and did it continue. I flipped the entire home, listed it by January 2020, had a buyer in two weeks by February, we haggled back and forth and they weren’t able to close until April 1, 2020 due to their mortgage restriction. Next home, I won’t accept my first offer and keep listed for 45 days. Learning on every home but feel I did very well on this one. It appraised at 125,000 which was right about what I had thought and we sold it for 115,000 with no sellers assistance and only 2 percent realtor fee as I used US Realty for a 296 fee and you get to choose your own commission. I found buyer on Facebook and directed her to a realtor so I didn’t feel guilty about paying the 2 percent realtor fee because it was my buyer. So my realtor fee will be 2250 about plus a few title fees. And then the dreaded tax fees but those will factor in after all my expenses.

And my grandson got to bring his new kids Lowe’s tool box and help out on some days for fun.

What a day I had today……

What a day I had today……My contractor that I had done the bulk of my work in this house decided that he bit off a little more than he can chew and he wasn’t able to complete the job which is fine with me except I’m stuck with having to find new people. I sat down and maybe cried for about an hour and I jumped up and I said to myself, “when I wake up in the morning and put my feet on the ground the devil says oh darn she’s up.” I made call after call after call until in about two hours I had everything lined up and I’m right back on schedule like I was before . I will have to do a lot more than what I wanted to do but I think I’m gonna save about $1200 off my budget so it worked out . So I knew the dominion East the gas company in Ohio was going to be putting in all new gas lines everywhere in Lowellville and I received the little pink notice they were going to be doing this but they didn’t say when on this notice. I knew my roofers were going to be finishing up the roof today so I thought I’d take a ride up I had no intentions of sweating and working there at all because I hired a crew for the weekend to get everything done. The gas company left a 5 foot ditch there that was about 3 feet wide and I realize that my roofers and all their vehicles were in the driveway. So I was like how am I going to get onto my driveway because I can’t drive on it because of the ditch. So I was like how am ingoing to get onto my driveway because I can’t drive on it because of the ditch. I tossed my sandals over onto the pavement cause I figured I’d be better off taking the leap a death in my bare feet rather than flip sandals and just as I was about to take the jump I was getting a little nervous thinking wow it’s going to just take one little thing to put me down in the ditch I looked up and my roofer that I hired got off the roof walked over and extended his arm out so I didn’t kill myself so I hired a roofer and a gentleman so that was nice. Then when I had to hop back over because I had to go get the parts for them one of the other guys got off the roof and helped me get back onto the road so I didn’t kill myself on that jump. Needless to say I asked the city workers to put a ramp there for my way back LOL . I went in and they were telling me that they needed to get some parts for the roof they couldn’t get their vehicles out of the driveway so I took the leap of death again and went and got them their parts at Banner supply in Youngstown so they can finish the roof. I then went back and picked up the pizza and drinks because I didn’t want to be stuck with these supplies in my car that they needed to finish the roof and then I went back and got the pizza and water . One of the guys that was doing my roof his name is Sean and he came in the house and looked around since my other guy all of a sudden left because it was too much work and I can get it because he was just too busy and didn’t have time to do it so I understand that and I decided the most important thing to me within that house that I cannot do is the drywall so he bid the drywall job and took that. In my photo I listed Sean as the major risk taker like getting right at the edge of the roof and freaking me out and so I kept yelling I’ll be careful Sean because I didn’t want them to get hurt and not be able to do my Drywall LOL actually I just didn’t want him to get hurt. I’ll do a lot of things myself and probably hire him for a couple other smaller things. I’m excited for Friday because my Electrician is sending up three of his crew members that work their tails off to get everything gutted out and completely finished for Friday. I’m going to have to just say Matt took a lot of that stuff out on his own so we’re probably 90% torn out maybe 95% . He said you want me to just send one guy I said no send three up I’ll keep all three of them busy for eight hours.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow which is Thursday and I was planning on going up there and finally actually doing my deck but yeah I need two days of sunshine so tomorrow isn’t going to work so I brought all the rest of the kitchen cabinets home figuring since I was the only one home that I would set my garage up into a painting area and get all the kitchen cabinets completed tomorrow while I’m home .

So I bring the pizza back and they were still roofing up there and so I ate a slice of pizza and was messing with my phone and I realized I could not watch them on the roof any longer I was cringing. It looked to me like they were like on the edge and it would just take like a I don’t know A bee flying in their face to lose their balance and drop down 20 feet from behind and I kept yelling up because you have to remember that these guys on this roof well most of them are right around my kids age like I was like a mother type and I was like are you guys tethered up there do you have those tethers on you and the one guy that owns the roofing company said ya I’m tethered up here and I said I don’t see anything like on your ankles what do you mean you’re tethered up there he said I’m tethered by God . 😳❤️ He’s a very Christian, hundred percent trustable if you need a roof done kinda guy and I would recommend you call Matthew Farmer if you need his number shoot me an email or a text and I’ll give it to you.

Meet my Roofer’s…best of the best!!!

Whats up for tomorrow…..exciting things happening tomo

So I got this roofer who is Matt’s friend and his name is Matt also. He’s putting new roof on tomo and adding a ridge vent as the attic area bedrooms are unbearably hot so it will help it a lot. Monday or Tuesday window guy is taking those double doors out and adding that window I got at Star Supply and installing the 7 new windows in basement. I should have some cool pictures.

So I’m not going to lie here my roofer isn’t too hard on the eyes….he’s a gym rat so he’s seriuosly pretty strong for a roofer and if there’s ever a day H.C. Decides to violate that no trespass in Ohio and threaten to kill me please God let him come tomorrow while my roofer is there! Most men as with any I’ve hired all can’t stand him for abusing females only…..I couldn’t tell you how many want his address to give him a good ass whooping but I said no God will get him in the end!! I added my roofer to my fb so I’m going to go steal a pic of him and put it here as he prob doesn’t have time to read my blog but seriuosly I’ve day dreamed about him being on that roof and H.C. comes and does his usual threatening to kill me and he rounds the bend and whoops him senselessly . I also filled out my application for license to carry after that near death experience Thursday 😳

Okay now where was this guy Thursday when I was standing behind my door with a kitchen knife with my grandson clinging to my leg as his psychotic father was beating down my door while troopers were in route !! 😂😭🤣 I briefly thought about just opening my door and standing in front of him and taking a punch just to lock him up for a year but nahhh he wasn’t going for a punch he wanted me dead so I ruled that out pretty quickly. And Matt my blog has to be interesting so if you read this….yikes!!

Matt made a suggestion that I liked….

When I showed up Saturday Matt walked me through an idea which was removing a wall completely which would open up dining room to the hall because the wall is not a supporting wall and to be honest it’s really not a strong wall and shakes so it’s coming out! More stuff for the dump truck! See in the picture where the entrances have the dated curved top well one wall is coming out and the other we are cutting square.

Fyi…that brown paneling is all gone!!! And the wall to the left will be shiplapped. Matt said I’m concerned with you getting the kitchen cabinets and kitchen done I said I’ll get those all done in one weekend I’m concerned about everything except for those cabs, back splash and counter!!!! This blog will get very exciting in three weeks as we rebuild everything because you’ll get to see everything I made, built or chose !! I’m giving a sneak peak of new bathroom vanity and lights. I met my electrician there the other day , he’s also a preacher and I went through everything that I needed done and I said Al now come on you got to give me the family discount here buddy and I had a six pack of those donut gems that I was going to eat and I said here let me give you a little pay off heres some donuts for later on he smiled and took them and said ok Ms. Cyndi ! I love this guy! I took Kellan to this church thing they had last year so we could support his church and he’s African American and I had some excellent cuisine that day ❤️

Tearing up 4 layers of floor on a really hot day not too fun….

So Saturday I went to the house with the intentions of completing my deck from the photos I’m going to show you what I want to do and again for the second day in a row going up there my deck didn’t get any work because I wanted to help Matt get the inside completely torn out and everything down to the bone so we can start rebuilding so he looked like he was really struggling in the kitchen to remove the four floors it was hot it was hard so I went outside and I filled up the 2 1/2 ton dump truck every other word I heard him say mother F mother F her mother I’ll kill that motherf-er . 😳😂💁🏻 So I Trekked myself upstairs to begin this horrible task of helping him.

When I first looked at the Home one of the reasons I thought I would buy it was because I was kind of OK with the tile that was in the dining room the kitchen and all the way down the hall and after I bought it and went back there three more times I started to look at this flooring and thinking how much I really hated it I hated the grout color hsted the tile it was dated and it looked to me like in certain areas the floor was unlevel or sinking because of how many floors were layered on top of those areas. So I’m talking to Matt one day he said you know I hate to really be the bearer of bad news but I think all that flooring needs ripped out. I was so relieved because I thought I was gonna have to tell him first so we started well actually him and his nephew Ian started tearing the tile out when I had Kellan for the weekend. That tile is very heavy when you break it off and crack it up you can’t put very much in those contractor bags at all because you can’t lift it in if you put too much you tear the bags and you’re picking up thousands of pieces one by one. So on Saturday he and I were working together in the kitchen and at one point I stopped and said I’m not even kidding you I think I might have to go to the hospital I think I might be having a heart attack. He continued to tear this flooring out piece by piece there were a million screws in the floor we were cussing out the prior owner over and over again and we didn’t even know him and at about 3:30 PM I looked at him and I thought you know I can’t take this anymore he is going to quit first I’m going to have to quit first so I said Matt you know we just have to clean up and quit my shoulder is burning I’m tired I can barely walk my feet hurt he stood up and looked at me and said oh I’m so glad you said that I’m exhausted too. I looked at the cleanup and I thought dear Lord I don’t even want to do that either! We pulled energt to gather scraps, swept everything up, bagged everything up, and threw everything outside to go into the dump truck before Lowellville picked it back up Monday morning. I locked up the house we went downstairs and I realized now we have to load all the stuff into the dump truck and sweep up the whole drive … i’m not kidding you guys I looked it Matt and I said you know I can’t even pick this stuff up and I don’t even think I have the energy in my arms to broom the driveway out. He is such a gentleman he said don’t worry about it I got it all he cleaned everything up I sat there and caught my damn breath .

So I decided that I was spending too much money on running to a little Ross market down the block and getting cold water because it’s like one of those places where it’s like $1.99 for a water and it’s a brand you never even heard of and Ross Market literally is the only store you can go in and buy breakfast lunch or dinner or rake shovel screwdriver or a small refrigerator. Yes people I said small refrigerator. As I was entering the store to buy my expensive drinks I saw a small refrigerator sitting outside they have all kinds of used stuff outside for sale there and it said $20 on it. It had that brown wood looking cover like it was from you know the 1970s but hey you can’t be choosy when you’re in the middle of nowhere. So I asked the girl the owner of the little store do you know if that keeps things cold I don’t want to lug it in my jeep drag at four blocks away and then find out it doesn’t keep the water cold and she’s like oh no it keeps it kept our stuff really cool the company just brought us a new fridge. Dummy me I never thought to ask her what she kept in that fridge before the husband loaded it in my Jeep. I mean it was this small looking refrigerator what else could you keep it at besides water a pop .It was so hot out that day so I bought a case of water so I could stock it up when I got back into the garage there and so is he’s trying to fit it into my back of my seat it wouldn’t fit so we cleared the truck out and we put it in the back he slammed the trunk shut and he did that little dusting of his hands free slap your hands back-and-forth like you finish a task you know and I said do you think that little fridge is going to keep my things cold he said oh hell yeah kept his worms so cold. He goes in a fact it froze the worms in the damn thing kept it so cold. 😳 I already paid for it, it was loaded in my jeep, I bought a case of water, it was only $20, how bad could it be? Let me just tell you this, this is probably all in my head I’m sure, but every time I open that damn thing up to get a cold bottle of water I can smell fishing worms Matt said he thinks I’ve gone crazy but I know what fishing worms smell like my dad was a fisherman. Good Lord 😐

Going to post up some photos of the deck before and after that I want to do I’m really trying to get to the deck but every time I get there I tend to start helping other things and I’ll post up some pictures of what we did with the flooring which is pretty amazing. And the flooring pictures you might not be able to notice what we were able to see when we finished most of it over there but prior to doing that there was over an inch height difference from the living room floor up to that kitchen so what we did was tear everything out now the entire first floor is 100 percent completely level floor with every room so all the laminate will look really cool being level with no divider strips. I’m going to post up some photos of the deck before and after that I want to do I’m really trying to get to the deck but every time I get there I tend to start helping other things and I’ll post up some pictures of what we did with the flooring which is pretty amazing. And the flooring pictures you might not be able to notice what we were able to see when we finished most of it over there but prior to doing that there was over an inch height difference from the living room floor up to that kitchen so what we did was tear everything out now the entire first floor is 100 completely level floor with every room so all the laminate will look really cool being level with no divider floor breakers .

That deck is the color of deck restore I bought and my deck won’t be quite this nice but it’ll be close!!

A visit from our bunnies before heading up to the job site ……

I got Matts Nephew and one of his friends to come up today and let the dumpster finish tearing out what we have to tear out, Lexie is supposed to come up and mow my lawn and help these kids gut and tear But I wanted to talk about KellaN….we have these two bunnies that we named hoppy and jumpy. They come out in the morning to graze in the grass down below but this morning they were standing right outside my deck in the sunroom all the way in the back which is like 250 feet away from where they usually are. I took a picture of them with my iPad through the screen but you can barely see them and then when I tried to go outside and take a better picture they just darted off and Kellan would’ve loved that. I don’t have the heart to tell him the lifespan of a wild bunny is only two years because he absolutely loves these two bunnies😐🙈

When my cousin Dodie was here to visit from St. Louis about two months ago, I got onto her sleep schedule which is to be in bed by 9:30 or 10 Pm and up by 5 AM but for some reason I keep waking up at 4:25 AM so I have been up since 4:25 AM which stands to reason as to why I can follow asleep very quickly at 10 AM. So I have a little time this morning with my coffee to think about how I’m going to demo the small bathroom today. I wasn’t going to demo and then Matt said that we probably should so I decided I’m going to staple… I think it’s 4 mill ….plastic up against the baseboard roll it out and then just let all the plaster and lath fall there have them pick up the plastic and walk it down to the dumpster and just be done with it instead of shoveling in bag after bag after bag. And then I’m gonna put green board in the bathroom we will fill in the nails and drywall seams but we won’t finish it because were putting tile around the tub so that won’t be necessary .

I don’t have to be there till 830 this morning because the Dumpster isnt coming till between nine and 11 so I had the kids show up to work at 11 AM. I planned on using them for four hours apiece but if they work really well I’ll just keep them the whole eight hours and be done with everything on the tear out inside. Didnt tell them I was keeping them eight hours because I want to see how they work first. LOL

WTF was I thinking……

So the condition of the interior and the exterior of the home…. right about now….Is when I look around and I say to myself WTF were you thinking buying this house and then I remember with all pretty things they have to be ugly first in terms of a flip home.

I had to get pretty creative today when Lowes brought my truck I mean trucks I had two of them. When I first got there once again Lowellville was messing with the drain pipes again with the truck in front of the driveway and I let him know he’s gonna have to move that truck in about an hour. So both of the trucks arrived three or four guys hopped off got a lot of the stuff loaded into the spot I had cleaned on the one side of the garage and I noticed the flatbed had a whole bunch of palletts …. speaking of pallets I copped five of them today for one of my projects using pallet wood I’m so excited.

So I had planned on taking all of the hardware off of the cabinets from the kitchen that were already in the garage figured I mix up my hot water with dawn detergent and white vinegar getting ready to spray them and washing them down with this solution that I have and I looked up where my sprayer was at in the basement realizing that Matt and Ian had totally blocked the entrance to the basement with stuff that needs to go in the dumpster on Wednesday now. And so going into the basement getting the chemicals and everything that I needed to clean these cabinets lugging them in through the house up the steps out the side door down the hill and in the garage was just not a option for my feet today So I made the decision to bring 1/2 of the cabinets to my house here and I took care of that job this evening I just finished up. I was so sweaty and hot up there that sweat was literally rolling off of my face and I was thinking about all the calories I was burning until I got home and then ate which defeated the purpose.

I spent a good oh I want to say over an hour chatting with the delivery guy from Lowe’s that did all the work for me getting it into my garage and we started to chat about this and that because I was so hot I just didn’t want to work anymore LOL and he started to tell me about his life growing up and how he had a lot of white friends and he just didn’t see color and they just saw each other as friends and so we talked about the newer generation moving on from racism. And in the interim … I don’t know how we got on the subject of the IRS LOL but he was explaining to me that he had a major issue with the IRS and that it bothered him and I said well what do you mean do you owe them money he said yes and a lot of it. So I said well that’s a good thing because if you owe them a lot of money that means you made a lot of money where he began to explain to me that he was an independent contractor truck driver and that in 2016 he made $90,000 and 2017 he made $120,000 driving a truck. And he said his girlfriend told him that she knew how to do taxes and then she would take care of his tax returns… Wait for it… Apparently she did not know how to do a schedule C when you’re self-employed and you have to pay that 15.8% self-employment tax on the money that you made so she didn’t pay the 15.8% self-employment tax on some $210,000 of ordinary income …you do the math, including interest and fines he now owes the IRS $40,000. And she also didn’t take any deductions for him for the mileage he drove in his truck because he told me that the company he worked for said that they take the mileage not him. So I said didn’t you tell me that the company 1099’d you and that you were self-employed as an independent contractor? So I told him that he could amend his 2016 and his 2017 return if he did the 2016 by April 2020 and he probably could take all his gas and truck expenses and maybe knock $30,000 off that 40 that he owes. The IRS has a program that you can request for penalties to be reduced or almost eliminated under certain circumstances. I said listen Tafari yes his name is Tafari and I kept calling him Safari give me your cell phone number because I’m gonna text you every day till you tell me you went to see a CPA and paid them $600 to fix those two returns for you. So despite I was aggravated with the whole damn mess at that house up there I feel OK that God sort of put me on a path with this kid so I can help him get his return fixed up. Now Tafari doesn’t know this yet, but I’m going to text him tomorrow and offer to amend both of his returns for free in exchange for five days of labor at the house LOL. I figure I’ll grab up his two tax returns, take them back to my house pop a K cup In my Keurig and sit in my nice air-conditioned house doing his tax returns while he’s sweating up there. Is that wrong? 💁🏻 So Tafari I know you asked for my blog so you can read it so if you see this don’t try to side click my call because I know where you work . 😂😂😂

Lowes is so disorganized in the irrational way they run their customer service makes me wonder how they make any money …..

I had to pull my orders up at Lowe’s.com today because I ordered a 5 gallon can of Cabot deck resurfacer and I don’t want them to deliver me a tintable can with no color so I wanted to add my color to it. Two weeks ago, I had to do the exact same thing for my paint except that I had two 5 gallon cans of that. So I called pick up and I told the girl at the desk hey can you mix my Sherwin-Williams paint in such and such in such and such color and make sure it goes on my truck mixed. She says to me oh maam I’m sorry we don’t do that you have to come into the store and tell us what color you want on that paint because too often than not many customers order these big paint cans and then they don’t come pick them up and we are stuck with them. I said maam these paint cans are delivering to my address and I already paid for them so how can you possibly get stuck with them . She insisted that I had to drive in there and tell her what paint colors I wanted. So I drove 90 minutes round-trip to the Lowe’s store in Boardman Ohio and I walked up to the pick up desk and I said hello I’m Cyndi order number such and such I want such and such colors have a nice day and I left . I was told a week later by a manager in there that I didn’t have to do that he said the next time just call In and we will pull from order and mix it. So today became that next time and I had to call In to have my Cabot deck resurfacer mixed. I got the same girl at this pick up desk who said oh ma’am…. At this point I’m thinking to myself here we go again here we go again she does not know her job … we don’t mix paint like that you have to come in and tell me what color you want because all too often more than not customers will mix up paint and then they don’t come pick it up and we are stuck with it . I said to her can I ask you a question she replied yes go ahead and I said do you drink a lot of water during the day and she said yes I said does it make you have to pee more than usual she had this really puzzled look on her face and she said yes it does and I said well what if I told you in order to use the bathroom for something that basic and simple you would have to drive 90 miles to my house to use bathroom facilities and return to work… would that throw a wrench into your day and she nodded her head yes . She said I don’t know what that has to do with the stain can and I said well me telling you I want my stain mixed in this color is way easier than you having to Use the bathroom and you’re not able to do it without me driving 90 minutes… I asked for a manager at which time I was transferred five times to five different people and I had to explain my story five times to five different people. On the fifth time she said hold on I said no no no no no no no no no don’t put me on hold set the phone down and page a manager so I can hear you paging him. So she does that and this manager by the name of Frank got on the phone I told him what I wanted to do he said it was taken care of the stain will be at the desk after we mix up your stain color we will put it back on your truck for Monday delivery. Just like that . 😳 I’m starting to think that every Lowe’s store should be run by nothing but a giant group of managers. Having just told you that headache of a story while I was on the Internet looking up this order to give the Lowe’s order number to Lowe’s to mix the stain I realized they overcharged me by $320 on this order. So explaining to the girl at lowes.com how I was overcharged she said I’m going to have to get the credit cleared from my manager ….. I don’t want this manager working at My store in Ohio ….. because she comes back and she says my manager said we can’t give you the discount on the shingles because you already use the 10% movers coupon and we can’t double stack the coupons and I said that’s not double stacking the 20% off the shingles is for a bulk order a completely different situation you have to give me the 20% plus the 10% and if you don’t want to do that I’ll cancel the shingles and re-order them and she says to me yes that’s what I thought but my manager said no … I said will you please go back and tell her it’s two separate discounts if they bulk discount for buying more than 48 bundles plus my movers coupon she goes back to her manager comes back OK yeah she said you’re right we can issue the credit today. I make this blog up on flipping the house so people can see it’s not quite as easy as you think it is and by the end of the blog and home sale if I made $50,000 I deserved every last dollar of it because I worked 10 hours around the clock for three months dealing with nothing but incompetency. I’m not trying to puff up my ego or anything but if the people I dealt with were only half as competent as me this would be a breeze and anybody could do it . I think that most successful people in this world today and I mean successful as in effectively running their own household, paying your bills on time, keeping your credit good, paying their car, keeping their car and home maintenance up and actually functioning like a normal human being, I think if everybody acted in that manner it would reflect all the way down to their jobs and life would be so much easier but the fact of the matter is we’re not all functional adults sadly. So I want to say a special thank you to all of you out there who function at a normal level making everybody else’s lives much easier .

What I got into today over there 😳😳😳

OK so I went out primarily because my window guy was supposed to meet me there but of course not everybody can be as responsible as me and he didn’t show up so I stayed and got some things done. I wanted to do some more power spraying because I wanted to get at least two sides of the four car garage power cleaned out because I’m going to be painting my kitchen cabinets in there and I didn’t want any dust so I did that and I power sprayed the garage doors in a little bit of the garage and then of course I went into the dreaded basement. I’m not gonna lie I seriously had to psych myself for about an hour and a half before I went in. the I wanted to do some more power spraying because as I’ve said numerous times I don’t really like spiders and bugs . Matt and I did work a couple of days and took all of the paneling out of there and again I said I was NOT going to work down there and I did. I used the power sprayer on the ceiling on the walls on the floor I poured probably three or 4 gallons of white vinegar in there to clean it and then when I was done I texted Matt I made it very clear to him that I’m never going down there again and that he’s going to surprise me with the finished plan. I have a 5 gallon can of dry lock I have 7 gallons of oil base gray floor paint and he’s going to finish the bathroom and do all the stuff down there and I never ever want to go in there again until he’s done . I think I got bit by a spider down there but didn’t actually see any spiders 🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷 there I just assumed that I probably got bit. LOL I’ll post a few really ugly pictures so everybody can understand why I don’t want to go down there 🙈 it doesn’t look like this anymore because for a couple of days we created that and then took it all outside and shoveled it in the bags so it looks way better than this but still not painted yet and it’s still not dry locked and the ceiling isn’t painted yet which I’m going to just spray the entire basement ceiling white everything white!

Because I always like to pick one thing while I’m there and finish it completely so that I’m not so twisted because I didn’t get anything done I decided to paint my front door with my paint that I couldn’t wait to see what it looked like and I fell in love with it. Lexie and I never really like the same things but I sent her a picture of it she said that door is so awesome I can’t believe you did that with the door. She’s like when you were telling me purple I was thinking what …. the brand name of this paint is called Front Door Paint. The color is called spontaneous if anybody’s interested in it. And as far as I know Lowes does not sell it you can only buy it at Home Depot. They have a lot of vibrant colors that would really pop your front entrance and the cost is anywhere between $39 and $45 a quart. But I did notice I got two coats on my front door at home in the deep navy blue on both sides and I still have about half of it left. I’m going to paint the kitchen door in Lowellville that deep blue because I made an island in there with that color on it. It is a waterbase and low VOC it is very environmentally friendly . Here is a before and after picture . I also put a new door lock on it that was a pain in the neck because I don’t care how good of a contractor you are plan on spending anywhere between five minutes and 60 minutes on finding the screws in the other handle and it’s just a hit or a miss… I have gotten them installed in four minutes but today took me 65 minutes . 😐🙄🤬🤬 siding looks blue in the picture but it’s actually gray.

OK looking at this front porch straight on I did power spray it …it was literally black from no one ever cleaning it for 40 years so I did bring some life back into it but I do need something else up there I just don’t know what to do yet. The steps are too skinny to put any rugs on them so I’m def going to put a pot of flowers on each side of the door but most likely since I’ll be listing at the end of September the flowers will be dead so I’ll put those fake haciendas Definitely a big kind a green wreath with some fall flowers and stuff in it I also have a door knocker and a kickplate to install so it’ll be pretty cool when I’m done.

What’s on my agenda for next week; I think I’m going to work on my deck I bought that cabinet deck resurfacing paint in a slate gray so I’m excited to see what that’ll look like everything else will be white and I’ll put those little toppers on the end post, I have some lights to install in the front of the steps solar lights there. I’ll probably get solar lights for the top of the posts on the deck. I told Matt I was kind of done on the inside until he got to laying the floor and the trim and then I would help them again but I wanted to get the outside all done so when he’s done I can just list . I am taking care of the entire kitchen myself too. I’m going to try to paint the cabinets up there but I know that sometimes I won’t feel like going up so I’ll bring six or eight of them home and so I have something to work on here . My daughter just text me and said that her son told her his favorite people in the world were poppy and his mother. You people don’t know how many times I drag my ass to that damn animal park in Grove city because we have passes and he wants to go every 20 minutes. I’m gonna tell Poppy to go pick Lexie up and you guys can go LOL while I sleep.

This is the two pictures of the double French doors that I want to remove there in the dining room in that one picture is straight on from inside the room and the other picture is what it looks like when you’re looking out the window from outside. If you look at the exterior picture you’ll notice that if we put a deck out there it would be real close to the door entering into the basement and it Chyna would be an unusable space even going up to that side deck so I decided that I would take out the French doors and put a window in there there’s like maybe 6’ x 36” and it slides open and if you look at the exterior picture you’ll notice that if we put a deck out there it would be real close to the door entering into the basement and it would be an usable space even going up to that side deck so I decided that I would take out the French doors and put a window in there it’s 67 inch by 36. I priced the windows out at Lowe’s and they were somewhere around $400 which is kind of over my budget but factoring in I would be able to cancel $300 worth of decking wood for my order it kind of helped out and so I decided to take a trip to a place called Star Supply Bargain Center In Youngstown Ohio because they sell windows there that are really discounted and they’re the same name brand Lowes sells. I put the directions to star supply in my GPS and I’m not able to show you my GPS I’m gonna tell you how to get there in case you want to go. You head down Glenwood Avenue and you bust a left onto I hope I don’t get shot by a flying bullet once you get through that trauma you hang a right onto is that person shooting some drugs up in that door over there street then head straight onto there are police everywhere Avenue and you should run right into the store and when I say run into the store I mean run into the store from your car . 😳😂 I shopped around a little bit in there I found a lot of things I want to get for the finishing part of it but I did find my window I did get it into my jeep with some help from a really nice guy that worked there and I did get it into my garage back in Lowellville so it is ready for Ron to install in that the French door place. I’m going to have a gap down there in the bottom about 3’ x 60 some inches where there is going to be no Siding so that’s encouraging me even more to expose that window we found in the living room because I can cut that siding out and use it in the back so I’ll be good! If not I’ll find something really unique to fill in there under the window maybe stone or something or brick .

Final part of my very long post today I talked about the Lowellville Village bringing me that 2 1/2 ton dump truck to load that stuff and well I thought I would do Matt and his nephew a little favor and start loading it but when I arrived there from star supply I realized I needed a damn step ladder to get up on that truck to put the stuff in there it was legit 5 feet high . I got my little two-step ladder and thought I would get up there at least fix what I did but then I realized I don’t think there would be anyway that I can get back down I would have to jump 5 feet and probably sprained my ankle . 💁🏻 Needless to say only four things got put in there and those boys will do the rest .

If the walls could talk oh the story they would tell!!!

The village solicitor had a very formal looking folder in his arm and I thought…now what! I had ordered the Lowellville Village 2 1/2 ton dump truck because they have this really cool program you get to keep it for 24 hours you can fill it up and they charge $20 to dispose of the trash but things are kind a messed up because apparently the gas company was doing some work on some new lines by my house and they using that little camera under the ground and they discovered that one of the sewer pipes that my water would run into for my house was broken in half and so they have to dig that hole and fix and and I’m told they have to dog down 11 feet. They’re fixing it on Friday which is the day Lowes was finally going to bring my order from their flatbed truck being broken so that got put off till Monday. I did get my garage door opener installed at least one of them today the guy was kind of late from D & R and he called and said I think I’m at your neighbors….is she a vet. 😳 turned out he was at my house in Pennsylvania instead of Ohio despite Lowes hasn’t delivered a single thing to my Pennsylvania home and I bought the installation through Lowe’s.

So I Thought that I would just take the two living rooms actually one of them is going to be the fourth bedroom and I would just start tearing out all the trim and stuff like that and remove wallpaper since I was waiting for the garage guy to get done and the more work I do there myself in addition to Matt the quicker I’m going to get done. So there is this little end but actually from outside it’s not it’s an indentation on the inside but protruding on the outside. The whole time I was looking at this from the inside I was wondering what that was like why is there a spot in this room is in dented by a foot and a half by about maybe 8 feet wide I couldn’t figure out maybe 6 feet wide so I decided that today will be unveiling day and I would see why someone would panel over that indentation. so I try to pull up the big 8 foot piece of paneling and I peek behind it and I see the weirdest looking thing I see glass shiny glass and I see insulation stuff behind the glass and I realize this guy had closed off this beautiful picture window in that spot . So tomorrow my window guy supposed to come up and look at for five windows I want replaced I’m going to have a look at that and see what he thinks I think I should keep the window I mean there’s nothing else I can do it’s a window there at the full window is covered with paneling. I’m going to put a few pictures here in this post below.

Funny thing the walls are plaster and I just was not looking forward to taking the wallpaper off all these walls because it’s some kind a wallpaper that I think you put over plaster to keep it from cracking and it had like some kind of barrier backing on it but I had brought my steamer with me and it was a blessing because it basically came off pretty easy and Ill post some pictures of that too. I did have to cut two big giant spots of plaster out from ceiling to the floor because apparently they needed a roof and they didn’t get the roof done so there are some bad spots we had to text before the new roof goes in next week. Plaster is not fun to tear out.

I took a little drive to Lowe’s because I ran out of contractor bags I knew I was gonna have to put that plaster in there and I also wanted to get a tile bit for my hammer drill because we have to take all that tile off .

Excited to get the next two days of straight sun because I’m going to roll on my deck resurfacing. I picked the slate gray it’s that thick paint I told you about that fills in any kind of imperfections and kind of makesyour Deck boards look brand new so I’m really excited about doing that this week. I got all the spindles painted white so ill have slate gray deck with the white spindles.

OK I just realized I took the pictures on my iPhone so I’m too tired to post them up now I’m going to bed I will do it in the morning before I leave.

Previous Owner: OK so I really don’t want this window up in here anymore so I’m not gonna like take it out or anything I’m just gonna you know put some framing up and just put some paneling over it cause I I love paneling so much that if you bent over I would panel your ass . 😳 this is why if you renovate a home you never leave any paneling on any wall that somebody put up because had I left it there and somebody went to pound a nail or something in the wall to hang a picture they would’ve heard all this glass shatter in the background . I left Matt strict instructions that there’s not to be 1 ounce of paneling left anywhere in this house . I’m a little excited to take the peeling off around the fireplace because I have a feeling it’s going to be nothing but a brick wall which is what I want . Yes peopleMr. Panel Pants paneled around the fireplace too!!! He even went so far as to stuff insulation down in the window and my guess is when we take that window out with the insulation that he probably has a big old sheathing board pounded up against the back of the house. I texted a picture of it to Matt and I was asking about what he thought I should do and he said it’s gonna have to be your decision. Well if I don’t keep the window there I obviously have to remove it and replace it with the wall but I think I’m actually going to replace the window with a new sliding window and cut out the siding on the other side and I will need to use that siding in the dining room on the next post I’m gonna show you what I’m doing with that door.

I do want to throw in here that there was a contractor at my house in the morning he been hired by the village to cut that concrete out and repair the sewer pipe and he was asking me about flipping this house and if I haven’t heard this at least a dozen times so far from people I haven’t heard it once. He said to me you know I was thinking about flipping a house . I want to say so bad you know it’s not like flipping a pancake you don’t you just go pick it up and flip it over there’s a lot of bullshit and disaster in between that you have to deal with and then on top of that more stuff comes . For instance you’re standing here telling me you are going to dig the end of my driveway and repair a broken drain pipe on a day that Lowes was supposed to come and deliver my very delayed order.