A day in the life of sin wait….I mean Cyn!!

I knew that I wasn’t going up there to work today because I had to train for this job that I got at the exact same time I closed on the house and i’m trying really hard to juggle both. Because I didn’t want to waste a day not getting anything done in Lowellville. I went out on the trailer for what my husband’s gonna bring up to the house to me and took off the spindles for the deck and I painted them I got 40 spindles I got 20 done.

I found myself in a little conundrum today because I was going over the lighting for the house that I had and I need to get one more light and I have 11 lights at Ally express that I have to have and I only need one more and I can’t make a decision so that’s causing me to have a giant headache. I remember the last house I did Matt changed out the kitchen like four times for me and the fourth time, well I can’t say what he said in this blog as I try to keep my blog kind of clean. 😂😂😂 The first three times he was really patient and just kind of rolled his eyes and smirked but the fourth time…😭😭😭

I haven’t got any of my big Lowe’s order yet and I also put the new order in for the shingles and some other things that I need up there because Lowes called me last week and said their big flatbed truck broke down . I mean it’s like a Chinese restaurant running out of rice, McDonald’s running out of fries and Donald Trump running out of tweets . This is your main livelihood, delivering orders, and your flatbed broke down and a week later and you still don’t have it fixed . 🤔

I have to meet the installer there tomorrow for this garage door opener that I bought because these doors are double doors and there’s no damn handles on these doors and you kind a got a reach your hand down under the ground and the other day there was a spider that was on my hand I freaked out in the garage so I decided I needed to get a garage door opener so the spiders cant get on my hands so I also have to train tomorrow so I’ll bring my iPad with me talking to my personal hotspot for my iPhone and train a bit.

I’ve also known this little bit of information for quite some time but I didn’t know how I was gonna break it to Matt…. there are ceramic tile floor in the kitchen the dining room and down the hall and it is the ugliest ceramic tile installation job I have ever seen in my entire freaking life. I don’t know who installed it but the spacers they must’ve used had to be like a half an inch so there’s that much grout in these tiles and the grout is like this disgusting looking brownish red color. And you can tell he didn’t think the process out very well laying the tile because theres little odd pieces just stuck everywhere! I can’t deal with it. I saw that Lowes had tile grout color so I thought I could at least color the grout that was in there to a beige color to match the tile that would help me like it. But I couldn’t of been more wrong because I still hated it. I noticed it was sagging in places and I happened to look at it and I realized there are at least five floors on top of each other and I don’t know how but I have to somehow break it to Matt that this must all come out here. So the other day he said to me you know Cyn I was thinking about that ceramic tile floor upstairs and then I’m like yeah oh yeah what… he said I think it has to come out because there are so many layers of floor and it looks like it’s sagging in some spots 😳 that moment when you realize that you don’t have to break any bad news to anybody. 😍😍😍

I’m going to officially make Matt my work husband! Lol he will say no F&#@*ing way you change your mind too much!!!

I left my cell phone number with my ladies up there that I said I have a chitchat with before I start working and today she texted me and said hey Cyndi this is your neighbor just letting you know Lowes left a package on your front door. I told you guys before I didn’t even need the security system because these gals sit out on the front porch like 12 hours a day and they watch everything 💕

So I know I have to go there tomorrow because the garage door opener is getting installed and trying to think what task I want to take on while I’m there and I think I’m going to save the power spraying of the basement done for Matt and his other guy he’s bringing with him and I think what I’ll do is wash the brick fireplace down with some TSP and either White wash or gray wash it and get that out-of-the-way at least !

My timeline for next week……

A couple of my responsibilities in this house that Matt is enjoying is the curb appeal outside I have to do all of that, the cabinets am taking care of the kitchen cabinets I have to get those finished yet, and I also told him that I would help him with his stuff when I got that stuff caught up so I was going to try not to go there next week and all starting tomorrow but I remember A couple of my responsibilities in this house that Matt is enjoying is the curb hill outside I have to do all of that, the cabinets am taking care of the kitchen cabinets I have to get those finished yet, and I also told him that I would help him with his stuff when I got that stuff caught up so I was going to try not to go there next week at all starting tomorrow because I’m training on a new job that I got which is only about 20 hours of work a week which I’ll find a way to get it done in 15 hours I really didn’t want to take the job at this point but I didn’t want to not take it because I know this has to be listed in two months and then I will have wished I would’ve taken the job. So the next two weeks are going to be kind of packed pretty tight for me because where I want to be is the house where I need to be is this in a part-time job that I think I’m going to really enjoy for starters I absolutely love my new boss so her and I kind of have lunch together all the time and I’m not even really working there yet. 😍 well she got pointers with me because when I walked in for the interview the very first time we had the interview at McDonald’s in New Castle she saw me walking towards her and she said I was so hoping that was you because you’re so cute and I have been called cute for years and years so I thought this girls getting some bonus points from me. 😍💕

I don’t really like to make a schedule of when I do the house because part of the fun of this is just winging it when you get there but since there are so many projects to do in there sometimes I don’t multitask very well I’ll be doing this upstairs this outside this upstairs and I’ll be like all over the place so for next week I have to train every day next week at home here online on my job but the training is only like from 10 AM to 11 AM and then again from 2 PM to 3 PM so I have a window in there where I can get a lot of things done. So I’ll just bring my iPad with me up to the house and my phone in a hook into my personal hotspot and I’ll be able to train right there while I’m working at the house which I probably won’t even really train because we can look at the videos afterwards and we’re done but I’ll just be in the class anyways.

I’ll be like all over the place so for next week I have to train every day next week at home here online on my job but the training is only like from 10 AM to 11 AM and then again from 2 PM to 3 PM so I have a window in there where I can get a lot of things done. So I’ll just bring my iPad with me up to the house and my phone in a hook into my personal hotspot and I’ll be able to train right there while I’m working at the house which I probably won’t even really train because we can look at the videos afterwards and we’re done but I’ll just be in the class anyways.

Monday: I said in my last post that I cannot wait to do the deck restore on this deck that I cleaned today so I’m definitely going to do the deck restore on Monday. I’ll head up there and I’ll sign onto my iPad for my training and I’ll set everything up and I’ll get the deck painted . This whole schedule could change because I do need 48 hours of no rain to do the deck restore so I have to check the weather to see if I can do it on Monday if not I’ll just flip some stuff around . I hope this deck looks OK because I’m gonna go with A kind of a deeper gray on the actual base of the deck and gray on everywhere else except for the white spindles which I’m painting at home here .

Tuesday: I will use the power water sprayer in the basement as before I left today I pretty much soaked every concrete part of the block in that basement with white vinegar and I’m gonna let it just salivate there a little bit until Tuesday and then I’ll power wash it all down.

Wednesday: I think my order is coming on Wednesday and I have a guy coming out there to install a garage door opener that I bought at Lowe’s so I’ll be up there waiting on those guys for that and while I’m waiting I’m going to try to dry lock the concrete block in the basement.

Thursday: I’m going to clean the brick in the fireplace in the one bedroom with some TSP and I’m going to white wash that brick but I think I’m gonna go with all the gray wash if I can get it figured out right so I’ll get that done, I’ll sand the oak railings down because those are getting changed… the color on there, ill use my jigsaw and I’ll cut off the stair noses of the steps because I’m putting new steps in there and you have to take us off of the old ones before you can put the new ones so i’m going to clean the brick in the fireplace in the one bedroom with some TSP and I’m going to white wash or gray wash that brick. I’ll sand the oak railings down because those are getting changed the color on there,

The importance of doing your homework before you purchase a home for a flip…

The importance of doing your homework before you purchase a home for a flip is crucial in making. Profit. I spent about two months looking for this home there are a lot of things I was looking for in it that had to be just right for me to make a profit that I thought I wanted to make on it. Flipping homes isn’t for the faint at heart, it’s risky and so maximum profit makes the work seem worth it. If you buy a home and even the one that you currently residing in you can take ownership of the home through a website called Zillow.com and you can sign in and update the Home and what it’ll do is spider itself out through the web and pull up a value from recently sold homes in the area. So before I bought this one I did a market analysis on it to make sure that I had the value that I wanted to have and there was one home that was just sold for a little over $100,000 its down the road and it was a three bedroom one bath home so I knew this home was going to value at least $100,000 if not more like 115 or 120 and there’s another home that’s for sale right now for 125,000 It isn’t near as nice as mine is going to be there isn’t even a garage on it it’s three bedrooms and it needs updated badly it does have 2 acres but it’s kind of on hillside in the back and it’s a hillside so to me land that’s not usable has no value: I checked the home value of my home about once a week on Zillow to see if it’s spidered out yet to give me a more updated value. Prior to me buying the home the value was about $31,000 and as you can see in the screenshot I paid 32525 for it obviously theres expenses for the home and bringing it to the state I needed to be at to get the 120. So even if it sold for the $87,000 and factoring in my expenses to bring it today it’s still a nice fair sum to make for a couple of months of a giant headache. and when I say giant headache I’m not kidding you it’s a giant headache in every aspect of the word headache you can possibly imagine. I figure really no matter what we do in life has a little bit of a risk element to it, a little bit of a headache to it, little bit of work to it so why not do something fun that you like to do . Kind of exciting because I looked at the Home and I have one person who saved the home and I know who it is because I already listed the home on craigslist with an anticipated sale date and I already have somebody interested he’s been watching it and texting me about it.

The home was originally listed as three bedrooms as you can see in the screenshot it now says four bedrooms two baths because were adding another bedroom and updating another bathroom so when it spiders out I wanted it to spider out accurately so I just input my updates that are soon to be and I’ll add all the photos when we’re done on this site . So being able to anticipate what a future value could be before you buy it is kind of really important in this venture .

I spent the majority of my life wasting my time talking to people about stupid stuff on the telephone, worrying about things I couldn’t change, and helping people that just really didn’t appreciate the help and I wasted all these years when I could’ve been doing something for myself instead of everybody else and not only did I take ownership of the house on Zillow I also took ownership of my life!!

Working on some curb appeal waiting for Matt to get there ….

So before I go into my long post about how much fun it was up there today just imagine me rolling my eyes right now, first things first is soon as I took my shower after a long day I had some roasted marshmallows ! 😍😍😍

I arrived up to the house somewhere around 8:45 AM and I brought with me my power washer because I wanted to power wash the house and all the concrete that was black on the deck that I need to clean so I can paint it. As soon as I got there I noticed my lady Joyce sitting on her front porch having a cigarette. So I thought it would be a good way to start my day out and chat with my lady. 😭 She has an exact same situation as I do with her daughter so we have a lot to talk about but she is also at the point I am where you just wash your hands of it Because we realize that no matter who they put in their lives from the boyfriend to everybody below it is just a total train wreck and we don’t want part of it so we just moved on but anyways I probably killed about 45 minutes longer over there then I should have LOL

I went back over to the house and I had to hook up my power washer and I had to squeeze in this little tiny spot behind the deck to get it screwed into the Spigot back there and it looked like the concrete at the front of the house had never been clean I mean I’m not kidding you when I tell you it was completely black. I’m going to post a couple pictures of the concrete and then beside that there’s another photo the deck was also completely black so I clean that readying that for the deck restore which I’m going to be doing in a gray color with white spindles . Really is quite amazing what a power sprayer can do for curb appeal. I did have a little issue with trying to get the receptacles to work in the living room on the I was using those for the power sprayer so I called Matt and he said I’ll be there in 10 minutes when he got there the breaker was off in the box and I don’t mess with that electrical box because I’m not about trying to get myself electric heater before this little shindig of a project is done. I did have a little issue with trying to get the receptacles to work in the living room as I was using those for the power sprayer so I called Matt and he said I’ll be there in 10 minutes when he got there the breaker was off in the box and I don’t mess with that electrical box because I’m not about trying to get myself electrocuted before this little shindig of a project is done 😳 I kind a like my skin unmelted!! One green man in western Pennsylvania is enough !!!! Concrete was so black and dirty that I even managed to get some artwork in with my power sprayer LOL

I realize that I had milked enough of my time messing around outside and I was gonna be forced to go into the basement and we had been working on removing tile from the basement from yesterday to today 1200 ft.² of it to be exact and if you can just imagine me on my knees scraping this tile off of this nasty basement floor when out of the blue I had a terrible Uh oh moment. I stopped dead in my tracks and I looked up at Matt and I said Matt what is the probability that the tile we been playing with for a day and a half is asbestos and I don’t know why I asked the question because I already knew what the answer was because I know everything about asbestos when they made it when they were forced to stop making it what products have it what’s friable was non-friable and I know this because I had it abated from my previous home and anytime I come across something in my life I will read about it and I will know about it inside and out. Mats reply to my question…..the probability is very high I would stand up right now. I went outside and I don’t know why I started to get a real scratchy throat and I was coughing and I convinced myself that I already had mesothelioma . He came outside and said I wouldn’t worry about it too much Cyn it takes a long time to die from something like that . 😳 And he’s like plus I’m going to die too because I breathed it. Ofcourse I went straight out to the garage and got a mask and wore a mask after that but I don’t know I’m going to try to convince myself that it wasn’t asbestos even though I’m pretty sure it was. This goes back to however much money I make from the house I deserve every single last damn dollar of it because of things like that .

So I decided at the last house I did I miserably and pegged how many dumpsters I needed miserably wrong. My timing was off on all of them I was disorganize I didn’t plan the tear out well enough to line my dumpster up at the right time and I ended up having to get three dumpsters which cost me $1200. I vowed this time that I would only get one large dumpster and I would map it out perfectly so I only needed one for 400. I opted not to get the dumpster when we were tearing out all the things in the basement because I miss calculated how much stuff would be in that basement. so my intention was to pile all the stuff in the basement out in the driveway which would give us the next weekend when Matt showed up to get the rest of the tear out done and get everything to the dumpster because you’re only allowed to keep them for seven days and anything after seven days I think you either have to give them your right or your left arm I’m not sure LOL it’s just expensive to keep them longer . And so here’s a picture of what we pulled out of the basement and so I definitely miserably pegged that wrong again because I should’ve paid for the dumpster to be there and got my timing better and my timing was off. I was trying to coordinate one large dumpster for that tear out the upstairs tear out and my roofers asphalt shingles. Since I can only keep it for seven days and Matt only works on the weekends it was kind of hard to figure out when to have it be there . I’ll have it there this Saturday when he shows up and I don’t know who’s going to load that into the dumpster but I certainly know who’s not going to load that into the dumpster and her name isnt Cyndi . 😭🥰🤪😜Tearing all of this paneling and studs and what not from this basement made me so angry at the previous homeowner that I was irritated with somebody that I never even met my life. We kept saying to ourselves how in the world does anybody live in this basement like this

First day, two people, the dreaded basement tear out yikes

OK let me just say that I had felt and I still do after today’s long six hours of work that this basement was going to be the biggest headache of the entire project and I’m pretty sure I was on point!

Matt started tearing out the basement and I had a huge Rhododendrum that I wanted to take out of the side of the deck so I used these big pruners and I removed that ugly thing and then I trimmed some of the shrubs up front and of course I was trying to avoid going into the basement to help him because to me that’s spider zone . 😳 I had told myself from day one I was not doing anything in that basement until it was power washed down and painted but I was very wrong. I messed around outside as long as I could possibly trying to stall the inevitable!!!

Just to tell you, with every swing of my prybar, my hammer, and anything else that I can get a hold of that had substance I pretended I was swinging at a person who annoys me deeply and that made this terrible job go even quicker. The prior owner must’ve used nails that were 4 inches long and he Literally found any kind a piece of wood that he can find in some kind of scrap yard to nail down there. We tore every ounce of paneling out of the basement we tour the framing walls off the concrete walls we tore the bathroom walls outta the bathroom we tore everything out of the basement and brought it down to its natural original basement. Our thought in doing this was of course to expose any issues behind his ridiculous paneling frenzy and to allow the buyer to come in and see that space for what it is and for not what it was!!! Matt came up with some great ideas when we were all done so I’m so looking forward to see what this basement looks like in the end. I was tearing out the small bathroom which I guess probably really wasn’t all that small but it was disgusting it had some kinda tiles into the walls the framing was all wet the wood was all wet the place was falling apart and we just came to the conclusion that we would just knock everything out of it and start from scratch and re-design our own bathroom down there so that’s what we’re planning on doing . The guy actually had built a false wall behind the shower and when I knocked out all this heavy block tile there was a glass block window right there going outside . This man had to be the master of Jerry rigging because I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life. Keep in mind we basically tore out 1600 ft.² of living space because these people lived down in that basement with the kitchen the bathroom the bedroom.

I had mentioned to Matt that I hadn’t seen a single spider down there so I was kind of happy and he looked at me and rolled his eyes and said that’s because I saw 55 of them . 😳

It got to the point that I was so hot that I told Matt I was going to go to the store and get us something to drink and there’s this little store called Ross‘s market like three blocks away and I think he thought I was going there 😂😭🤣 but the air condition was feeling so good in my jeep that I drove all the way to Struthers went into Family Dollar got what I had to get in there and then returned. When I got back he said where in the hell did you go for drinks I said Struthers and he was like Struthers are you serious !!! 😊😀

I’m going to post up some pictures of what we’re doing down there it’s pretty gross but first I’m gonna go check on my macaroni and have my dinner cause I’m starved!

First things first 💕

In the above picture where I had the X there was a big wood burner we removed!!!

I’m not going to say anything about these pictures just that it wasn’t fun and I’ll post before/afters because I want the basement to be something that lets buyers have a vision of an entirely new space.

I’m officially in the zone, and I’m not going to allow the three D’s, dumb, dumber, dummy…. her, him, and his stupid girlfriend … Those three D’s can live their miserable existence of pathetic lives while mine flourishes 💕

I might be a little ahead of the game but I did have my two paint colors mixed the other day for delivery tomorrow ….

I’m really big on grey paint colors or greige colors which are a mix between your beige and your gray because they’re kind of warm colors and great selling colors when you’re trying to sell your home quickly and I’ve kind of stuck to these two colors previously ..one is by Sherwin-Williams and one is Benjamin Moore: mindful gray and gray owl. I just discovered the gray owl color because I painted my basement bathroom in gray owl and I loved it so I incorporated that gray owl into this new renovation . I’m going to post a couple of pictures of the colors and it’s going to have the same look to this house with the white baseboard and trim in these colors except my baseboard on the floor is a 6 inch baseboard because I love big chunky baseboards .

The mindful gray will look a little beige in a not so great lit of a room but if there’s a lot of bright lights it will throw a gray color so it can go either way depending on your lighting !! But these two paint colors are definitely my favorite go to colors because I know exactly what they’re going to look like on a wall and grays are very hard to get right .I bought a 5 gallon bucket of each of these colors and they were $150, I got 19 percent off from couponing, and Lowe’s offered a 45$ Rebate per can. So I got 300$ of paint for $153!! Almost half off from creative couponing !!

I was supposed to work a full day……

Today was Lexie’s day off and I thought before I went to the house to work I’d stop and say hello to Kellan and I would take her for a couple of things to pick up whatever she needed to get and we would chitchat for like 30 minutes. Kellan was upset he didn’t get to go with as he had just woken up . I always make a joke that any trip with Lexie is at least a $100 bill. 💁🏻 As soon as Kellan found out Nina was coming up he wanted to go with us but he wasn’t ready so we left and came back to get him. I had planned on just taking him to McDonald’s to eat and then bringing her back and then going to work. Of course as soon as he got in the car he said Nina will you take me to Chuck E. Cheese’s 😳😳😳 His father had dressed him up so cute with the new clothes that his mother bought him of course, 💁🏻 and I just thought to myself how can I tell him no. So we head on over to Chuck E. Cheese’s and get inside there that bill cost me $27.49. I said Kellan do you want to go to the dollar tree next-door and get some snacks for your movies later with mommy and he was like yayyy grandma yes so I just told Lexie to get whatever snacks he likes and get whatever you need that was a $25 bill in there. And then I took her down to the post office because she had to send some certifies out and that was $15.76 there . She said she didn’t get paid till tomorrow and she was low on gas money because she had to make double trips because someone had to bring her to work because of her license situation so she asked for $10 of gas money which she never asks for any money so I was like yeah. Lol Everything is ironing out with her though. Tomorrow’s are good….they teach lessons and give you a second chance to fix your yesterdays. Def going to try to get a half day in tomorrow. Once Matt shows up there for like 20 hours this Saturday and Sunday he’ll get a lot done and it’s going to make some big progress .

By this time it was somewhere around 3 PM and I never made it to work at the house although I did get some stuff dropped off there early in the morning. But tomorrow is my big Lowe’s order day and she asked if I would take Kellan to the dentist over in Niles Ohio and then drop her off at work and then can I watch Kellan the rest of the day because the father had to work. I love how this father was able to escape working for eight years, she gets into a mess and he thinks I’m going to go to work and work part time and just take her car whenever I need it and not worry about a babysitter and leave that mess up to everybody else. Kills me. In a car we bought….to boot. When I hear father and work in the same sentence I have to pinch myself . So I was thinking to myself how am I going to pull off two huge truckloads from Lowe’s and I have to check off my paper as they’re unloading because they tend to forget things sometimes and watch Kellan at the same time 🤔 I came home and was talking to my husband and he said he would come up and get Kellan after the dentist and take him back to our house to swim until I was done with my truck there so his dad‘s gonna pick them up at six or thereafter so it’ll work out.

I did try to explain to my daughter that I’m going to need like a month and if you need me to do this you two need to get your heads together and I need to know schedule and time so I can help you out like this because I made a commitment at this house I have to finish up!!!

That’ll teach me to stop by and say hello LOL .

It’s about to start getting into the nitty-gritty …..

So far I’ve had the lawn mowed, taken a few things up, called a driveway sealer and having one electric garage door installed as a spider crawled on my hand lifting that thing up … Matt’s first full day is Saturday 7 am and mine is tomorrow just because I want to start demoing a few things. My husband loaded his trailer for me and we will park that right into the garage. Had to get a new 36” door for garage because the previous home owner jerry-rigged some old damn door there! August 1st which is Thursday my full order is coming and I’ll put the new door in and surprise Matt! I might be watching Kellan so I’ll bring his Jeep to drive. 😂 Security system is heavily fortified and I can see it from my app…big week approaching. I found out from my new group of friends, that Lowellville village has a big 1 ton dump truck and if you call them for 20 bucks to fill it completely up and take it for you so instead of me getting a dumpster for 450 I’ll just get 5 of those and tip the guys on the last one! Love my new gals!! They even load it for you!!

My first semi-official trip to the home by myself….

So today was my birthday and we all weren’t having dinner until later so I thought why waste a perfectly good day on remembering I’m older. I decided to take up a lot of things to the garage and noticed the garage door was loose and saw it didn’t have a strike plate and was heading to Lowe’s to make sure my order was set for delivery but mostly because I ordered Sherwin Williams paint there in 5 gallon cans and needed to mix my two colors. I went to the pro-desk, okay I’m just going to say this now and get it the hell over with! There is one guy at the pro desk that I don’t like, never will like and didn’t like today either because he’s that lazy employee that will follow the rules that make him be lazy. He always gives me this song and dance about not being able to cut my wood smaller than 18 inches because it’s just the “rules of Lowe’s”. Last year I needed just 1 foot section of drywall and I asked him if he could slice a 4 by 4 foot piece in half for me because I forgot my knife. He said, “I’m sorry it’s the rules of Lowe’s that we can’t slice drywall for employees”. I said are you serious…he said “Oh maam yes I am” in that drawn out cocky voice of a Lowe’s employee that just wants to sit at the pro desk and sip on old coffee from the morning. I was so mad as I had spent $ 7,000 in there and this annoying ass couldn’t run his bladed knife down the paper part of this drywall so I could fit it in my car. I wanted to break it over his head. I saw another contractor in there, big guy, so I said hey can you do me a favor and he said ya sure whatcha need….I said this Lowe’s employee won’t run a knife down the paper so I can snap it and fit it in my jeep so if you just hold it like this…and he held it away from his face and I said hold it tight and I kicked that board so hard and split it in half and said here you can clean this mess up with your broom or is that also a rule you can’t use a broom in Lowes. The contractor was dying!! When I left, putting the jagged 2 ft piece in my car he came up to me and said that was byfar the funniest thing he’d ever seen and I said I didn’t mean for it to be funny I was really mad at him!

So today, yes, it’s the same employee from the drywall incident telling me he can’t cut my 5mm plywood into anything less than 18 inch strips because the “rule” is nothing less than 18 inches. Now I could not kick those so I said okay fair enough. He’s like I can’t even help you with any of this order because you didn’t go through me..he said next order if you go through me, I can give you a 10 percent discount as a Lowe’s pro…I said well I already get 10 percent off with mover coupons and another 9 percent off through my retailmenot account and even if I didn’t, before I gave you a dollar commission I’d pay extra. I then had to walk all the way down to the pick up desk and asked them if they could cut my poplar in 8 inch strips and they said ya, took it back and cut it. I purposely pushed my cart passed him and said hey look I got it cut because not everyone is lazy like you……he said who cut it (so he could write them up I’m sure) I said he was a new kid…I think his name was James Bond! I can’t stand that guy…..legit had someone cut it so I could show him as I walked by!! He told me you know we aren’t a lumber yard here……I said Home Depot will cut your finger off if you ask so you better become one or you’re going to lose business. Long birthday!! Every single time I go in to that Lowe’s that lazy cow is sitting behind a desk sipping coffee, texting and laughing about personal things. He boils my blood. 🙂

So I make it back to the house, it’s hot, very hot and I don’t even want to get out of my jeep to put this strike plate on…..I realized that the reason there wasn’t one is because the door won’t lock with it and the previous owner jerry-rigged the entire door as in…look here’s a 36 inch steel door without a frame so I’ll build a jamb and cut the lock set hole even though I misaligned it by an inch and it won’t work. So I added a new 36 inch pre-hung door to my order!!!

I was so frustrated over the days event that I took my crow bar donning my sandals for dinner, headed up to the kitchen of this house and on the way by I smashed it into an ugly mirror in basement and it bounced off and never broke the mirror, went upstairs and started to tear the paneling out of the dining room because it’s so damn ugly that it gave me a head ache and I’m tearing and ripping and tearing and it’s not coming loose at all at the base at which time I also noticed that he also laid ceramic tile right up to the paneling and then put grout in it instead of the way it’s supposed to be….the paneling then tile…ughhh so I quit doing that and decided I’d take the bathroom oak door down, bring it home and TSP clean it, sand it, prime it and paint it white and I kid you not…I could not move this door one inch so I text Matt in a frenzy and he said “calm down , I’ll be there soon”. LOLOLOL I’m sure he wanted to say something else but he’s too kind!

She closed it and didn’t owe the fine…… Did anybody think it would go any other way 💁🏻

So after three or four more days of a haggling with about 10 different people, I finally closed the house on Thursday, and we had Kellan for three or four days so he got to go to his very first house closing. My husband and I were laughing saying a four-year-old going to his first home closing !

I went to Austintown today to pick Lexie up from work and I also had the baby so I was bringing him back home and after she came out we went to Kentucky Fried Chicken and she talked me in to getting five buck boxes. She bought me a real pretty plant for my birthday tomorrow and she handed me this card that she wrote out herself. I read the card and I could barely get through half of it and I started to cry and before you knew it she was crying and it was just a really nice card it was things that she should’ve said to me a long time ago and I just really like the card it made my day Kellan had fallen asleep in my jeep coming from the bouncy house and Lexie picked him up and put him back in his car seat and strapped him in and he slept all the way till we got to dinner. When she got in my jeep, I just kept staring at her and she said mom why do you keep staring at me, and I said I don’t know but you look absolutely gorgeous Lexie and she told me there was a man in Walmart that had stopped her and ask her if he could take a picture of her because he wanted her to join his good looking girl club and she was like this guy is out of his mind I forget what she told me she told him but it was hysterical. I took her and Kellan back to the flip so I can get the keys because I didn’t want to go back there by myself it was getting kind of dark and you never know so I took her with me and we unlocked the lock box in the garage and I got the keys out. I took Kellan out of his car seat and I asked him if he can help me use the keys to get into the garage and he was in charge and got the garage door open!,,,hen Lexie got out of my car, she was like mom nasty there’s blood on the side of your car door in the back I said that’s not blood I watched your son wipe his chocolate chip hands on the outside of my car when the window was down through the rearview mirror. I took her and Kellan inside and Kellan walked into the basement and went back to where the bathroom is at when he walked in and he was going crazy this bathroom is so awesome look how nice this bathroom is 😳🤔 and I was like Kellan don’t touch anything don’t touch anything don’t touch anything….. honey that is the ugliest bathroom you’ve ever seen in your life come back in a month and Nina will show you something really pretty. So at some point when we were eating or sometime during the evening he said to his mom…Mommy are you coming back to my house. She said Kellan it’s my house and your house and he said no it isn’t it’s Nina and Poppy’s house. I heard her ask him Kellan do you want to live with Nina and poppy and I’m pretty sure he said no. Lol

So I left the garage door open when I was there with Lexie and Kellan and then I drove them home it’s about four blocks away returned to the house to back up my jeep in the garage to start organizing some of the stuff I’m bringing up there for the renovation. I have to post these two pictures for you guys because this garage is amazing and it’s a renovator’s dream because it has hundreds of those little cubbyholes that I can organize everything under the sun. 😍 As you can see on the photo on the left, I already started organizing some of the stuff I had in my jeep and that’s hardly anything so far LOL

So after I got the little things up in those little cubbyholes that I had brought for my first trip up, I saw the three ladies in the home across the street chatting on the front porch and they have been there every single time I’ve gone there. I walked over and introduced myself I sat down for a good 45 minutes we chatted away about the previous owners and they had me laughing so hard that I almost didn’t want to leave. I was saying oh my gosh that garage is so amazing and the one lady who had told me she was a registered nurse said they never one time ever parked the car in the garage and I was like what do you mean they never parked the car in the garage and she said to me well he worked for this company that had gas pumps there and he would steal gas from there. He had at least 50 to 60 gas cans in the garage and they said we always waited for it to blow up one evening . 😂😭🤣 So he couldn’t park any cars in the garage because he was storing his stolen gas. LOL They said they had card parties in the neighborhood and every time it became her turn across the street nobody wanted to go because she had remodeled her whole upstairs and she would say, come on up and see all the new work that’s been done here and we will go up and then she would take us back down into the dark basement to play cards…..now this was some 25 years ago and she never wanted to use it and said they lived in the basement and it was like a damp dreary basement and that’s where she had her card party. I said well if you see her anywhere please let her know I’m tearing her remodeling all out so she saved it for absolutely nothing! 😂😭😜

I can tell you that this may take me a little longer than I had anticipated for the mere fact I’m going to spend a lot of time with these three ladies across the street talking and laughing. LOL One is a registered nurse, one is a schoolteacher and one is retired ! The schoolteacher and registered nurse are sisters that live in the home across the street.

I will for sure post a pic of this crew as they will get me through this. And I’m pretty sure I didn’t even need a security system because all three of them said they’re up till four in the morning sitting on the porch because they can’t sleep . 👍👌