If the walls could talk oh the story they would tell!!!

The village solicitor had a very formal looking folder in his arm and I thought…now what! I had ordered the Lowellville Village 2 1/2 ton dump truck because they have this really cool program you get to keep it for 24 hours you can fill it up and they charge $20 to dispose of the trash but things are kind a messed up because apparently the gas company was doing some work on some new lines by my house and they using that little camera under the ground and they discovered that one of the sewer pipes that my water would run into for my house was broken in half and so they have to dig that hole and fix and and I’m told they have to dog down 11 feet. They’re fixing it on Friday which is the day Lowes was finally going to bring my order from their flatbed truck being broken so that got put off till Monday. I did get my garage door opener installed at least one of them today the guy was kind of late from D & R and he called and said I think I’m at your neighbors….is she a vet. 😳 turned out he was at my house in Pennsylvania instead of Ohio despite Lowes hasn’t delivered a single thing to my Pennsylvania home and I bought the installation through Lowe’s.

So I Thought that I would just take the two living rooms actually one of them is going to be the fourth bedroom and I would just start tearing out all the trim and stuff like that and remove wallpaper since I was waiting for the garage guy to get done and the more work I do there myself in addition to Matt the quicker I’m going to get done. So there is this little end but actually from outside it’s not it’s an indentation on the inside but protruding on the outside. The whole time I was looking at this from the inside I was wondering what that was like why is there a spot in this room is in dented by a foot and a half by about maybe 8 feet wide I couldn’t figure out maybe 6 feet wide so I decided that today will be unveiling day and I would see why someone would panel over that indentation. so I try to pull up the big 8 foot piece of paneling and I peek behind it and I see the weirdest looking thing I see glass shiny glass and I see insulation stuff behind the glass and I realize this guy had closed off this beautiful picture window in that spot . So tomorrow my window guy supposed to come up and look at for five windows I want replaced I’m going to have a look at that and see what he thinks I think I should keep the window I mean there’s nothing else I can do it’s a window there at the full window is covered with paneling. I’m going to put a few pictures here in this post below.

Funny thing the walls are plaster and I just was not looking forward to taking the wallpaper off all these walls because it’s some kind a wallpaper that I think you put over plaster to keep it from cracking and it had like some kind of barrier backing on it but I had brought my steamer with me and it was a blessing because it basically came off pretty easy and Ill post some pictures of that too. I did have to cut two big giant spots of plaster out from ceiling to the floor because apparently they needed a roof and they didn’t get the roof done so there are some bad spots we had to text before the new roof goes in next week. Plaster is not fun to tear out.

I took a little drive to Lowe’s because I ran out of contractor bags I knew I was gonna have to put that plaster in there and I also wanted to get a tile bit for my hammer drill because we have to take all that tile off .

Excited to get the next two days of straight sun because I’m going to roll on my deck resurfacing. I picked the slate gray it’s that thick paint I told you about that fills in any kind of imperfections and kind of makesyour Deck boards look brand new so I’m really excited about doing that this week. I got all the spindles painted white so ill have slate gray deck with the white spindles.

OK I just realized I took the pictures on my iPhone so I’m too tired to post them up now I’m going to bed I will do it in the morning before I leave.

Previous Owner: OK so I really don’t want this window up in here anymore so I’m not gonna like take it out or anything I’m just gonna you know put some framing up and just put some paneling over it cause I I love paneling so much that if you bent over I would panel your ass . 😳 this is why if you renovate a home you never leave any paneling on any wall that somebody put up because had I left it there and somebody went to pound a nail or something in the wall to hang a picture they would’ve heard all this glass shatter in the background . I left Matt strict instructions that there’s not to be 1 ounce of paneling left anywhere in this house . I’m a little excited to take the peeling off around the fireplace because I have a feeling it’s going to be nothing but a brick wall which is what I want . Yes peopleMr. Panel Pants paneled around the fireplace too!!! He even went so far as to stuff insulation down in the window and my guess is when we take that window out with the insulation that he probably has a big old sheathing board pounded up against the back of the house. I texted a picture of it to Matt and I was asking about what he thought I should do and he said it’s gonna have to be your decision. Well if I don’t keep the window there I obviously have to remove it and replace it with the wall but I think I’m actually going to replace the window with a new sliding window and cut out the siding on the other side and I will need to use that siding in the dining room on the next post I’m gonna show you what I’m doing with that door.

I do want to throw in here that there was a contractor at my house in the morning he been hired by the village to cut that concrete out and repair the sewer pipe and he was asking me about flipping this house and if I haven’t heard this at least a dozen times so far from people I haven’t heard it once. He said to me you know I was thinking about flipping a house . I want to say so bad you know it’s not like flipping a pancake you don’t you just go pick it up and flip it over there’s a lot of bullshit and disaster in between that you have to deal with and then on top of that more stuff comes . For instance you’re standing here telling me you are going to dig the end of my driveway and repair a broken drain pipe on a day that Lowes was supposed to come and deliver my very delayed order.

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I like to keep busy, help as many people as I can and am very spiritual and believe that we are not in control of our lives and that God makes all our choices by changing events throughout our days. One tiny change in my life is a domino affect on millions of people.

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