What a day I had today……

What a day I had today……My contractor that I had done the bulk of my work in this house decided that he bit off a little more than he can chew and he wasn’t able to complete the job which is fine with me except I’m stuck with having to find new people. I sat down and maybe cried for about an hour and I jumped up and I said to myself, “when I wake up in the morning and put my feet on the ground the devil says oh darn she’s up.” I made call after call after call until in about two hours I had everything lined up and I’m right back on schedule like I was before . I will have to do a lot more than what I wanted to do but I think I’m gonna save about $1200 off my budget so it worked out . So I knew the dominion East the gas company in Ohio was going to be putting in all new gas lines everywhere in Lowellville and I received the little pink notice they were going to be doing this but they didn’t say when on this notice. I knew my roofers were going to be finishing up the roof today so I thought I’d take a ride up I had no intentions of sweating and working there at all because I hired a crew for the weekend to get everything done. The gas company left a 5 foot ditch there that was about 3 feet wide and I realize that my roofers and all their vehicles were in the driveway. So I was like how am I going to get onto my driveway because I can’t drive on it because of the ditch. So I was like how am ingoing to get onto my driveway because I can’t drive on it because of the ditch. I tossed my sandals over onto the pavement cause I figured I’d be better off taking the leap a death in my bare feet rather than flip sandals and just as I was about to take the jump I was getting a little nervous thinking wow it’s going to just take one little thing to put me down in the ditch I looked up and my roofer that I hired got off the roof walked over and extended his arm out so I didn’t kill myself so I hired a roofer and a gentleman so that was nice. Then when I had to hop back over because I had to go get the parts for them one of the other guys got off the roof and helped me get back onto the road so I didn’t kill myself on that jump. Needless to say I asked the city workers to put a ramp there for my way back LOL . I went in and they were telling me that they needed to get some parts for the roof they couldn’t get their vehicles out of the driveway so I took the leap of death again and went and got them their parts at Banner supply in Youngstown so they can finish the roof. I then went back and picked up the pizza and drinks because I didn’t want to be stuck with these supplies in my car that they needed to finish the roof and then I went back and got the pizza and water . One of the guys that was doing my roof his name is Sean and he came in the house and looked around since my other guy all of a sudden left because it was too much work and I can get it because he was just too busy and didn’t have time to do it so I understand that and I decided the most important thing to me within that house that I cannot do is the drywall so he bid the drywall job and took that. In my photo I listed Sean as the major risk taker like getting right at the edge of the roof and freaking me out and so I kept yelling I’ll be careful Sean because I didn’t want them to get hurt and not be able to do my Drywall LOL actually I just didn’t want him to get hurt. I’ll do a lot of things myself and probably hire him for a couple other smaller things. I’m excited for Friday because my Electrician is sending up three of his crew members that work their tails off to get everything gutted out and completely finished for Friday. I’m going to have to just say Matt took a lot of that stuff out on his own so we’re probably 90% torn out maybe 95% . He said you want me to just send one guy I said no send three up I’ll keep all three of them busy for eight hours.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow which is Thursday and I was planning on going up there and finally actually doing my deck but yeah I need two days of sunshine so tomorrow isn’t going to work so I brought all the rest of the kitchen cabinets home figuring since I was the only one home that I would set my garage up into a painting area and get all the kitchen cabinets completed tomorrow while I’m home .

So I bring the pizza back and they were still roofing up there and so I ate a slice of pizza and was messing with my phone and I realized I could not watch them on the roof any longer I was cringing. It looked to me like they were like on the edge and it would just take like a I don’t know A bee flying in their face to lose their balance and drop down 20 feet from behind and I kept yelling up because you have to remember that these guys on this roof well most of them are right around my kids age like I was like a mother type and I was like are you guys tethered up there do you have those tethers on you and the one guy that owns the roofing company said ya I’m tethered up here and I said I don’t see anything like on your ankles what do you mean you’re tethered up there he said I’m tethered by God . 😳❤️ He’s a very Christian, hundred percent trustable if you need a roof done kinda guy and I would recommend you call Matthew Farmer if you need his number shoot me an email or a text and I’ll give it to you.

Meet my Roofer’s…best of the best!!!

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I like to keep busy, help as many people as I can and am very spiritual and believe that we are not in control of our lives and that God makes all our choices by changing events throughout our days. One tiny change in my life is a domino affect on millions of people.

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