Why you could never make more than $75,000 a year flipping homes……

The closing on this home was so stressful, that there is no way I would have any more stamina left in me to flip more than two homes a year. So when this one’s done listed and sold I will take three months off and do one more and take a break. I counted up that I had 17 people involved in trying to solve a village fine of 2650. Albeit, I got it solved myself and the bank paid it but my anxiety is through the roof from having to deal with 17 people on one tiny little issue. I’m so mentally drained at this point, we are closing tomorrow at 4 PM and we are meeting the closer at the tavern in New Wilmington wherein my husband will buy me dinner after we sign and I received a coupon from the tavern for a free sticky bun which I can’t wait to eat ! They now serve wine there!!! YAHOO.

Flipping a home has way more energy, stress, and organizational skills that one could ever imagine and you would never understand it until you did one yourself. Anyone that looks at me and says wow she made $60,000 on one flip needs to understand that she earned every single solitary last dollar of that money. Sure contractors show up, utilities turn on, headaches….. wait I mean migraines pop up throughout the process, inspections occur, risks are taken, I deal with an array of personalities, lawns need catered too, worries of pipes freezing, vandalism (although my security systems app tells me everything), neighbors get grumpy cuz they wanted their family members to get it, and dozens and dozens of other things happen during the process and they don’t just happen on their own they happen because I was the force behind it. So I only have the patience to do two a year and that is what I have come to the conclusion of!!!! Simple things like calling Ohio Edison to turn on the electric today and she consistently fought with me for 25 minutes that there was no such house at that address and nothing in her system …I said you listen here Lawanda there is a home at that address and you have approximately two seconds to find it before I slam the phone down in your ear and she’s like ma’am if you don’t calm down I’m going to get my supervisor on the phone…..I said what’s she going to do fire me Lawanda 🙄🤬🤔 I said let me spell everything slowly for you so I spelled it all really slowly and she was like Oh here it is I’m sorry. 😳😳😳 that’s very stressful and I became very angry at her because she was insisting that I was out of my mind there was no such house at that address! And today I had to call the security system place and I had already spoken to one of the installers he knew exactly what I wanted to do. But I could not recall his name so I had to explain the entire thing over to the girl on the phone again. She just could not grasp that I wasn’t living in that home she kept asking me when I was moving and I was trying very hard to remain nice but it became very difficult because she could not grasp the concept that I wanted to take my alarm system out of my home and put it in Ohio and I wanted him to install a Wi-Fi system that used cell phone towers without having to install a landline telephone there. She was like why don’t you just install a telephone line there and I said because in this day and age nobody gets the land lines anymore so I want to pay the 150 for him to put the Wi-Fi system in for the buyer. 🙄 then I want to get a new system for my home. That was 20 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Those are just two tiny stressful things that happened to me today and you can multiply that by 400 by the time I’m done with this house. So I made the determination today, that there is no possible way I have enough patience with people and things to do more than two homes a year so two it is. Sometimes I feel like I’m swimming in a sea of idiots !!!!!!!!

Hard work on this blog has paid off …..

Today I had a really busy day. I was training for a job, and then I stopped in to see Brock at the golf course he works at and I noticed a really delicious looking blue slushy machine behind him so I said to him give me one of those in a medium I’m so thirsty I had a rough day. He said I’m just gonna give you a half a one and I said no I want medium I’m really thirsty honey. 😳 Of course he did his own thing and gave me just a half of one and I thought what is wrong with this kid he said just give me $2.50 I only charged you for a half a one. I said that’s ridiculous five dollars for a slushy on a golf course. So I took the slushy as I was so thirsty and took one big huge gulp and as if I’ve never learned as a kid, caused myself to have a major brain freeze and I was thinking to myself for the cost of this slushy it’s got a bitter taste to it. And I didn’t want to say anything because I saw the owner standing over there and I knew I had been chewing spearmint gum so I thought It was probably that stupid gum I was chewing that gave it a bitter taste. So I kept chatting with my son there and I finished the slushy fast as I had a lot to do yet and all of a sudden I got a little bit dizzy. I looked at my son he was cracking up and laughing behind the counter and he said mom that has 8 percent alcohol… that’s an alcoholic slushy. I was so mad at him I could’ve slapped him across the counter 😍😂😭💁🏻because I’m not a drinker and I get headaches and I got a bit of a headache and I had a lot of stuff to do and I had to go sit outside for 45 minutes until the alcohol wore out of my system. So I got home I did a little bit of painting found out we are closing on the home the attorney for the village waived the fee we are getting that all done in the next couple of days. I checked my email and there were six different emails in there for all these people that gave me a headache about the fee and closing and asking when did I want to close and I didn’t answer any of them back. LOL I’ll answer them tomorrow ha ha. And there was an email in there that I opened up and it was from a website called feed spot informing me that my blog was named in the top 25 house flipping blogs on the Internet where there are thousands of them and I came in at number 16. If you guys wanna check out my number 16 spot I’ll leave the link below and you can go straight to feed spot and check it out!! Honestly I’m having more fun with the blog than I am with flipping the house. LOL give me a second to hook the link up! http://www.feedspot.com not sure if that’ll take you to the top 25 but I shared on FB.

Karma has a really funny way of rearing its ugly face doesn’t it…

So if you’ve been following my blog in my posts, you would’ve been reading about this ugly 2650 fee that the Lowellville Village was trying to get me to pay. We ended up getting at least 13 people involved including the Lowellville village attorney yesterday well I guess I shouldn’t say we I should see me LOL yesterday morning I got a phone call from Freddie Mac which would’ve been the sales agents boss because I had left a message last week and he was on vacation and I didn’t know it. Yesterday morning he called me and said he was sorry he was on vacation and didn’t get any of my messages …Let me just tell you that each one of my messages to him became more detailed than the one before guess I mistakenly thought he was ignoring them off whenever he was on vacation. He apologized and said he forgot to hit his little button on the recorder that he was on vacation… quoting the lovely Julia Roberts… Big mistake. But he was here to solve the whole closing ordreal. He said he sent the listing agent to the village to get a copy of the bill for this 2650 so the bank can pay it at closing and the village refused to give a copy of this bill to the agent to submit to Freddie Mac. Whhhhaaaatttt. I had gotten a job about two weeks ago, a part-time job that I was looking forward to starting and I didn’t want to quit the job before I started because of this house because the house will be done in 6 weeks and then I’d want the job!! So I have been trying to balance the training of this job with the closing of this house so that I can get Matt started. The company offered to wait two weeks to start me so that I can get the house closed but as many of you know that closing never occurred in those two weeks. Yesterday I spoke to the listing agent, he told me he got his email from Jeff from Freddie Mac after I had spoken to Jeff and it read like this, I don’t care what you have to do for this woman but I want this house closed like yesterday for her!! So this morning the listing agent called me, and he said they’re working it out today to where the bank is going to pay the 2650 at closing and they’re thinking about closing today or Friday. Those happened to be the two days that I scheduled my training on my new job so I told them it would not work for me it would have to be Thursday so you guys will have to change all your schedules around because I moved on at this point !! #karma

Restoration hardware hacks…… With greatness there always has to come a little bit of not so great 😭💁🏻

In one of my previous posts, I talked about the Restoration Hardware hacks and lighting and how I love to use my go to site aliexpress.com because a lot of their lighting is sourced to restoration hardware or it is exactly like it. I’m going to post a couple of pictures of a couple of my lights that came in the mail yesterday. Understand that these lights traveled over a sea with a possibility of a visit from Hurricane Brad or whatever his/her name was !!!! Back in the day, there was a time when people were shipping poison powders through the mail and it was in letters/packages and my husband used to bring my packages from China or overseas in the house on a shovel to make a joke out of it. So you see where I got a lot of my humor from. LOL but here’s a picture of these lights and when they’re done trust me they’ll be amazing but this is how they come to you from overseas. And I kid you not, they literally tape them in the manner in these photos because they’re traveling so far. It takes Houdini to open these packages….at least some of them if not all of them so here we go ! And if you scroll all the way down in this post, you will see the four lights that I actually purchased these lights to go in the new master bedroom …one overhead in the ceiling and the other three will hang perpendicular to the open closet. Don’t judge because although the packaging isn’t as pretty as Restoration Hardware, the end result is a equally as charming. ❤️😍💕 I’ll take some ugly packaging if I can get the exact light for 23 as opposed to 423!,,

Matt is supposed to be reading my blog but he doesn’t so….

OK Matt clearly is not reading my blog or he would be commenting on it and that’s slightly disturbs me because he’s the one doing a lot of the work in this house. So I’m gonna talk about Matt a little bit on this blog because he apparently thinks sleeping, eating and family time is more important than Cynster’s blog!! LOL I’m sure that Matt thinks that I hired him because he has mad skills but can I be candid here for a minute. Big deal that Matt can install a roof, lay a ceramic floor, lay laminate flooring faster than Trump can tweet, install backsplash, change a cylinder lock set to a mortise ( yes Matt since you don’t read my blog I forgot to tell you that we have to do that because I bought a lock set on eBay and I didn’t realize it was a mortise lock and the door is a cylinder and making a mistake on the door is not an option because the door is an amazing door with lead in the glass no pressure though 😭), install a toilet, plumbing, electrical, demo like no tomorrow and he tries to give me a plumbing list to go to Lowe’s and pick up plumbing things like I’m gonna get the right parts so he ends up having to return it at his Lowe’s and get the things he needs. LOL . He’s not bad at drywall, taping, sanding, finishing and he hates to paint but there’s no escaping that he’s painting this time around! And did I mention he’s putting this really cool deck off the dining room French doors because right now if I forget and open the door and step out I’m going to drop 15 feet Into a paved drive and Cynster will be no more . There’s probably a dozen or so people that will be happy with that, but for me to care about them I would have to care about them. I’m going to be honest with my people reading this post I can do all that stuff Matt is doing too. Just because the drywall seams would be lumpy, the plumbing would leak, nothing would be level, the laminate floor will have gaps wider than Letterman’s teeth, oh yeah and I probably would totally butcher changing the cylinder locks to a mortise lock and then would want to kill myself… OK enough I can actually do some of that stuff without botching it up ok no I can’t but the key to flipping a house is to get in, out and listed as quickly as you can and if I did all that stuff I would still be working on it Christmas 2022 and it would look awful and not sell!!!!

OK I’m about to let everybody in that reads this post on the real reasons why I hired Matt to help me. OK let’s start with his mom Susie. I love his mom and sometimes I will see her on her Facebook and she will tag Matt in something that she wants her son to do at her house for her and I’m not sure Matt went and did any of the stuff for my Susan and that saddens me because she’s entitled to everything she asks him to do, of course Suzie, after we’re done with this house. 💁🏻

The second reason I hired Matt is that he has this amazing little boy named Grayson and I know if I hired Matt that he would bring Grayson with him on some of the weekends and I will get to hang out with this really cool cat !!! OK I meant to type kid and cat came out and it sounded cool so I just left it! Also, when Grayson is there it’s a really good excuse for me to say Matt we’ll be right back and then we will like go somewhere fun and take a long time while we’re gone so things get pretty much done before I get back. 😂🤣😇

OK this is the most important reason why I hired Matt and he doesn’t really have the skills that he thinks he has 🤔🤥 But the real reason I hired him is I have this terrible fear of spiders and bugs and he’s not afraid of either of those. So I don’t do anything where there could possibly be a little spider or a bug hiding which in an unoccupied home for that long a period of time spiders tend to think the home belongs to them. 😳 So one of the first things that I do in a house when I get one, and I’m not exaggerating when I say this, I go to Dollar General and I buy between 12 and 16 bug bombs . I go there by myself and do this so it’s a little bit tedious of a job. OK yeah I understand that these bug bombs don’t kill spiders but trust me it makes them pretty drunk and easy to kill for Matt. 😳 Yes spiders still look creepy whether they walk slow or fast and I still won’t kill them. This particular home has three levels so I would have to be able to be super organized and take lids off all the bombs and get out of the house before I pass out at the front door or will become severely poisoned . So this is how I go about doing that. I take the tops off of all 12 or 14 bombs and I have an apron that I tie on me and I put them inside the apron ready to set off like a grenade. So each floor is going to get four of these bombs. Because I now know that the scent of these poisonous bombs rises I start in the attic area. I will let you know that in the last home I didn’t factor that important piece of information in my bomb setting and mistakenly began in the basement . I had brought my purse with me and my phone and keys and forgot that I left them in the basement. First mistake. So I go in the basement, and I untab 4 poisonous bombs and I make a mad dash to the main floor and I untab tab 4 more of these bombs at which time I started getting really dizzy because I realized the smell of the ones in the floor below had risen to the main floor yet I still have a another floor to do . As I was trecking up second steps, it struck me that I left my purse my keys and my phone in the basement which is now totally inoculated with poison . I know I can’t go back in the house for six hours so I’m not even thinking about my next set of the bombs because I’m realizing I have to still make it downstairs holding my breath to get my stuff to leave . I don’t take my first big breath until I get out of the basement as I previously stated, I didn’t factor in that I should’ve started upstairs and not downstairs …second mistake. I clearly can’t hold my breath very long so I make it up to the main floor and I decided that’s when I would take my big wind of air! I can’t hold my breath very long, I’m very nervous at this point, so I get to the third-floor and I don’t even untab the bombs and I run straight out the front door so I can get some more air. I did that because I know now that I left all my belongings in the basement and I have to light off the bombs on the third floor and make it all the way down to the basement in one breath or die. I run in, untab 4 bombs dying to take a breathe and I’m halfway down the steps to get my belongings and I hear behind me hey I’m sorry I just walked in the door was unlocked and I run back upstairs and drag this guy outta the house and have no idea who the hell he is…was I just about to be diced up and put in a freezer….. I said yeah that’s kind of weird you would just walk in the house who are you? He said I used to live in this house and someone told me you were doing all kind of great stuff to it I’d love to take a tour. If that isn’t the lamest thing I’ve ever heard in my life I’d be lying to you. What he said and what I heard were two totally different things. I heard I never lived in this house, I see it’s under construction and I’d like to help myself to everything you own as I’m entitled to your things and now since you’re here and can identify me I’ll have to take your things and your life. To this day, I’m convinced that the only thing that saved my life that day was the smell of the 12,000 bombs spraying in the home was so strong and that I shocked him when I grabbed his arm and drug him outside…I’m still hung up on why he walked in without knocking and I said did you just walk in without knocking and he said no I knocked for a little while but you must not of heard me and I was like OK so you don’t walk in until someone opens the door for you …it’s kind of rude in fact sir they have a special name for something like that….. I think that’s a felony I think it’s called breaking and entering you know 10-20…when you enter somebody else’s property without their permission . And I’m going to tell you, this guy look like he could’ve killed six people in one day and not phased him. 😳😩 so as I drag him out onto the front porch, there was another strange guy outside of my property with a truck he was loading copper plumbing that I just purchased at Lowe’s for the basement into the back of his truck. There were six pieces laying there up against the side of the house they still have the price tag on them. Now I’m sitting on my front porch with two men I have no idea who they are. I looked at the guy who is basically stealing my copper plumbing that I just brought there and putting it into his truck and I said what the hell are you doing buddy….. he replied to me I’m going to scrap it why ? I mean I’m not kidding I have to pinch myself to see if I’m really hearing what he just said. I said put it down right now I’m calling the police. He said I’m sorry I thought it was free I said what the Frick are you talking about it’s on my front porch with a price tag on it . Both of you need to leave or you are going to end up in jail for a very long time. The following day I had an alarm system installed and no other problems after that . Needless to say he never got to see the inside of that house and the guy helping himself to my copper plumbing never got to scrap it.

Anyways Matt thank you for bringing Grayson, for having a wonderful mother and for killing my spiders! I guess I can deal with your mediocre skills 😂🤣🤥

$13.50 barn door tutorial….You heard that right … 13.50 and about eight hours of work!!!!

So while I’m waiting for Freddie Mac sales agent to come back from his vacation and for him and the listing agent to work out the deal on the $2600 fee, I decided I may as well get busy right here in my own home working on stuff for the flip. Once I got my own home in order, I took a trip over to Lowe’s with my measurements for a barn door I wanted to make for the closet in this home I’m flipping .

I generally will buy a 4 x 8 in either Birch or Oak and even the Pine with one side sanded really good as they sell them that way. Those are between 30 and $50, but they’re pretty much worth every single dollar that you pay for them because you save yourself in sanding and filling so you can minimize your time on the board. I wanted to see how cheaply I could make a sliding barn door using pine thats not sanded on either side so I went to work.

I bought the piece of 4‘ x 8‘ rough…3/8 inch thick at Lowe’s and I also bought some wood filler because I knew I was going to need it. LOL Lowes is really good about cutting your wood for you and they always say they charge but they have never charged me yet. So using that $15 piece of plywood, as many of you know me, I use the 10% off coupon so I got it for $13.50. 💁🏻I asked the nice gentleman, his name is Brad, and I will remember that because some of them are very snotty in there about cutting your wood so he said just ask for him and he was fantastic. This week I will find Brad at Lowes and bring him a pizza because he does a lot of my wood cutting for me he’s just a really sweet kid! Now there’s no steadfast rule on the size you cut this piece of plywood, because it’s primarily based off how big of a barn door that you want, how big is your opening and where it’s going to go at. I knew that I was using this particular barn door in the hallway in a closet at this house. I chose that location for a barn slider because it’s a little condensed area in the main hall back in the corner where there’s a bathroom and there’s a little bedroom and I didn’t want someone to be digging in that closet with the door open so I thought a barn slider would work perfect here. These are the things that I was telling you about you have to think about because the buyers are going to notice things like that and I want to have about 15 or 18 wow factors in this house so when they’re deciding which one they’re going to place a bid on they choose mine . I’m placing a second barn slider in the house, and I haven’t decided yet so when I do I’ll post about it here. So for my opening that I’m putting this door in, I chose to have Lowes cut my piece of plywood 90 inches in length by 39 1/2 wide. I walked back with Brad, and I told him exactly how I wanted the board cut so that there was absolutely no waste in the board at all. First, I had him cut three 3 inch strips down the length so that I could use it for the trim around the door and that left me with the width I needed. Second, because the board was 8 feet in length which is 96 inches, and I needed to have it only 90 inches, I got two more of those cut off of the end of it for the trim . I measured my jeep to make sure I could get that large board in there but I just couldn’t seem to fit it in the parking lot. LOL A nice man came along and asked me if I wanted help and I said please!!! At this point, I was dripping sweat because it was so hot outside . He said to me, all you have to do is flip the board the other direction, I smiled at him and I said to him can you tell I was never in the gifted program . 😭😂 His last name was Brest and he was from Mercer so if anybody knows him please tell him Cyndi said thank you very much . 😍

So now for this to Tutorial on how to make it, I’m going to post the pictures and put a caption under them so you can see exactly what I did because now I’m in my garage with my board 90“ x 39 1/2 and I’m going to work .

So that’s the board I had Brad at Lowe’s cut for me. I guess I fibbed a little bit, because I did buy an eight dollar can of wood filler, so brings the door to about $22 instead of 13! You can see some of the wood filler on the board that I used…. I used a putty knife to fill. It’s actually pretty cool stuff because it goes on pink and it dries like wood when it’s ready to sand. It was a real cooker today may be over 90° so it legit dried itself in like two minutes so I had to work pretty fast . I chose to fill in a lot of the gaps and rough parts because it would’ve been just a whole lotta sanding and I told you I was trying to see the lowest cost one I could make since I’ve done it the other way and I never did it this way . I left several of the deeper knots in because I wanted the door to have some character!!

These are all of the 3 inch strips I told you I had Brad cut for me so that I could save money on the door and use it for all of the trim you will see on the door in the end. Keep in mind, I sanded every single edge of every single aspect of every single piece of wood on his door nice and rounded so it would not give anybody a splinter .

So I kind of skipped over all the sanding and the cutting but I did have to cut those boards to measure, everything is sanded at this point, and I also glued all of these pieces of trim down and in addition I also used 3/4 inch brad nails with my air nailer. That by the way is the best thing I ever bought in my life for the $150 it cost !

There is a really good view of it all sanded and standing up and glued and nailed and ready for primer !

That is one coat of Kilz 2 primer on the door and that is the only coat of primer I’m putting on it.


And that is the finished $ 13.50 door using Sherwin-Williams enamel paint. That can of paint was $100 , as many of you know me, I wait until Sherwin-Williams has one of their about 6000 sales a year for 30% off . 😭😂💁🏻 I chose to use that better paint on the door because it’s an enamel and kind a gives it a little bit of a shine and I only needed to paint one coat, and at this point, I kind of was exhausted. It was so muggy and so humid out that I literally put down the paint brush, walked back by the pool area where my husband was reading the paper, he heard a splash, and I legit jumped off the diving board with my shorts and tank top on!!!!

You notice there’s a knot in the top section of the door and it’s kinda big, and I said I wanted to keep some knots there for character, well I’m filling that one in because it looks like a crater!! 😳 I spent at least one hour searching for everything I have packed away to bring up to Ohio because I have this really cool original barn door handle that I want to put on there but I can’t find it but I will find it in Ohio and I will update my pictures . As for the backside of that door, I didn’t even sand it because it was so rough, I didn’t fill it in with anything because it’s a closet door and is not going to see any action, but I will put about three coats of polycryl to seal the wood and lock down splinter issues! And the closet area that this door is going on, is hideous on the inside so I’m gonna make that one of the coolest looking closets you have ever slid a barn door open to see!!!!

Would I use this cheaper kind of wood for a door that was going to be seen on both sides; absolutely not. I would use a birch or an oak because they’re so smooth and they’re beautiful and I usually trim out both sides of the door if you see it from two areas. And those would run about $50 and if it was in main living area separating two rooms I would buy separate trim and not use the plywood trim and it’d take eight or 10 hours of time. I recently made one for a friend and I did charge them $300 because they were a lot of work and I mean a lot of work.

Keep in mind you do you have to buy the hardware to hang it which is about $35 free shipping on eBay . You will need the 6’ foot 6” kit for most door openings if not for all . Let me reiterate this to you guys, I do not hang the barn hardware myself, it’s too difficult and has to be very level and I leave that up to the pros like Matt! If I had to hang one, yes I could, but it most likely would slide shut every time it was opened !!! I don’t like to do that kinda work. I’m too hyper for tedious work!! 😂😂😂

I’m starved and I just yelled down to my son from the balcony hey buddy I’m hungry I’ll buy if you fly he woke up looked at me and went back to sleep . In his defense, he got up very early this morning and went golfing as his scramble was canceled and he and his friends went to Butler golfing on a course that wasn’t waterlogged. So it looks like I’m buying and flying . 🙄

Yes….still dealing with this $ 2,600 fee

So now the mayor emailed me and told me that the inspector from the village won’t drop the tax lien so I told him listen I was trying to be nice here to you guys but you are starting to cause me to have stress so I’m going to lay it right out to both of you. That fine was incurred by Western Realty for not allowing you in the home since May for a routine inspection, I was sent the bill and it’s in the name of Western Realty, Harold, he’s a man, and the councilman had a meeting and said they were “willing” to allow me to buy the home but I would be responsible for the $ 2650 when I sold the home as I would be able to afford it….so you want to waive a fee for a man who incurred it and give it to a woman who didn’t incur it? The mayor said he was sorry and he would try to have the lien removed and I gave them until Monday at 1 p.m. and then I would have to take legal recourse through the Struthers, Ohio municipal court. This is utterly ridiculous. So I called the broker/owner for Western Realty to explain to him what his agents did to me as I had written him an email he ignored. This man was crazy, yelling at me, saying I was lying that I never talked to the mayor and I said can I please talk and he said no you can not because you are a liar and you never spoke to the mayor so I promptly hung up on him and sent him another email that caused him to take action to get this closed. I called the mayor and I said remove the lien from my property and put it on the property of one ignorant loud-mouth broker named John Simeone from Western Realty because I have the bill in my hand and last time I checked liens follow the debtor and his company is listed as the debtor. File that lien on Mr. Simeone’s personal property and I emailed that rude man to let him know the law and that the lien is going on his personal home. The agent called me asap and told me that they would have it rectified by Tuesday when our Freddie Mac agent returns from vacation so I gave this circus of clowns until Tuesday. This is unreal…..I’m not paying that damn fine and they are removing that lien from my home so I can close!!! I actually ended up at the Lowellville Village office waiting on them, had a long conversation with the Fire Chief and he was dying at the whole situation and said there’s no way that fee is yours! I then went to the festival and hung out on the deck of this little restaurant/bar waiting for mayor but he had emailed me and said he was sorry and he would try to back that lien off. What a giant mess; this Western Realty made of this closing all because they didn’t follow the certified and let the village in for a basic routine inspection and then won’t pay it. ugggg

As soon as that clown from Western read my email he realized if the village pulls my lien and puts it on his home he has to pay it but if he hurries and closes the bank will pay the lien on my property. A shame what a girl gotta do to get things done.

How I got a $434 porcelain backsplash for the kitchen for $182.37….

My goal in flipping this home this time is for me to make maximum profit. So every time I can figure out a way to save a couple hundred dollars on a particular remodel that we are doing, it’s money in my pocket. So I wanted to do a glass or porcelain backsplash, but I know they are sometimes upwards of $900 for just the material so I went to Lowe’s.com and I found a porcelain backsplash that I really loved. It was originally 9.98 a square foot, I needed 39 sf, and it was 50% off for the next 30 days or so and I capitalized on that and put it in my cart for $4.99 a square foot. I then went back to my other site retailmenot.com, and I said in a previous post, if you have not signed up for that website do it now. For every single order that I placed at Lowe’s, I purchased a gift card at that site for $250 and I get a $15 cashback ( 6 %) sent to my PayPal and once it reaches $100 I have it transferred to my checking account. That may not seem like a lot of cash to a lot of you, but my Lowe’s order is around $6000 by the end of this project. So if you do the math and you divide 250 by that 6000 it is a $360 cashback refund going from PayPal to my checking account. But for this backsplash order, I only bought one gift card for 250 which got me the $15 cashback today . In addition to that $15, retail me not was also offering a 3% cashback if you followed your order directly from your account there which I did. That was only 7.00 but it all adds up! I forgot to add that my Chase card also offers a 10% discount if you shop at Lowes but I didn’t use that option because as I mentioned I bought gift cards and used that option which was 6%, thinking back I should’ve just used the Chase card, but to be honest….I forgot….and it cost me 1 percent of that order because remember I still got the 3% cashback by heading to Lowe’s from retail me not …It can get quite confusing when you’re making all these moves! 😳😳😳 I added a few extra things on the order, and I’ll tell you why in about a minute. So I wanted my order from Lowes to total $200 altogether, because I also had coupons that I bought off eBay for a couple of dollars that were $20 off 100, and I wanted to make my order $200 and split it into separate orders to get the full $40 off. So having said that, the original cost of the backsplash with everything I needed for me to install it, which by the way I cannot wait to do, would’ve cost me about $ 434.00. Factoring in an install of 39 sf would run you about 600 in labor, but since I taught myself how to install a backsplash watching Matt on the last home, I’ll be installing. I also purchased a tile saw a few years ago, as I was tiring of running to Lowes to have every piece cut! After capitalizing on the porcelain tile at half price at Lowe’s, and coupling in my numerous discounts, I ended up getting the backsplash for $184. That amounts to roughly, I don’t know, 300 bucks in my pocket….factoring in no labor cost to install adds considerably more savings. You do that 24 times on this house and you’re looking to save several thousand dollars. Now I don’t always find what I want on clearance, but when I do………So this morning I spent about an hour on saving $ $300 on backsplash material which isn’t bad, not to mention I got an amazing backsplash for this kitchen . Don’t think about getting these at Lowe’s Hermitage because this gal bought the last 39 which I’ll probably return 50.00 worth as I bought extra to be safe. When you shop clearances, that’s a must do!!! Normal cost for material and labor for a backsplash install can run between 1200 and 2000 Depending on how expensive of a tile you feel is in your budget. Some of those tiles run $15-$20 a square foot. Update: so when I went to Lowe’s to pick up my tile over in Hermitage, they informed me they only had 20 pieces and that their stock was wrong online. She said we have the balance of 19 in Lowe’s in New Castle Pennsylvania if you wanted to go over and pick those up you can. She ended up fixing the order so she could transfer 18 of my pieces from her Lowes to the other Lowe’s so I wouldn’t lose all my discounts on a new order. And because I had to go to a second store to pick it up and it was their fault, they gave me another $20 credit on to my credit card. You do have to ask for that credit or they won’t give it to you. LOL If you factor in the $50 I will probably have to bring back and that $20 credit, I ended up getting the material for the backsplash for $114 adding more to my savings. A backsplash like the one that I got including installation and labor would cost upwards of around $1200. So I saved slightly under $1100 which adds to my profit . 😀Because of so many things that could pop up in one of these projects, it’s important to save everything that you can along the way because a roof will run you 4 or $5000 and the savings actually helps you when these things pop up. So although it takes a lot of time for me to do these things, I find it vital in making sure that I make a profit that is desirable for the time I have in the project . Nobody wants to spend three months working on something only to find out you made five dollars an hour in the end, I certainly don’t want to do that !

I mentioned above that I added some product to order so I could get 100 on two separate orders for my 20 off and I added two 4 by 8 sheets of plywood which I’ll have Lowe’s cut for my two barn doors! A barn door like I make cost upwards of 900 at Lowe’s, I can make them for 30.00 plus my 35.00 barn door hardware kit to hang so that’s a good deal of savings and I love making them!!! Since the other home I flipped is still on the web with the pictures, the pic below is the barn door I made. I did use oak plywood for this one and that’s 50 a sheet so I had about 90 in this one but still compared to a cheap 400 pine one….this can’t be beat!! I don’t hang them….Matt does!!! If you missed my other home I did….here’s the link for all the great photos! And I do want to mention that the actual physical tile I picked up is 20 times nicer than that photo because it’s a little bit lighter and I was happy about that because the tile floor in the kitchen is kind of light and the cabinets will be white it will look really sharp. I don’t like the grout color in the tile in the kitchen and and as opposed to removing all that tile I’m just going to buy a tile painting kit actually tile grout painting kit at Lowe’s for about 10 bucks .

That photo above there is the oak barn slider I made in my other home separating the kitchen from the living room. When you’re staining oak gray, make sure you do a test area because it does come out darker as as oak doesn’t take gray color stain very well.I know a lot of people cut angles and add trim to make the barn door look like a real barn door by angling the trim. For me, those angled cuts are very difficult to so I stay away from them at all costs and because this house didn’t really throw off that total rustic barn look I left them straight.

Yes I’m still dealing with this $2600 fee from the village 🙄🙄🙄…

So I’m sitting here thinking nobody’s calling me back and how do I get this rectified like a soon as possible. So I decided I would email the mayor in the village and explain to him what is going on. So I sent this big long email to him, he returned my phone call and was very polite to me, and he asked me to explain everything to him in detail. He said he does not think the village has a leg to stand on in billing anybody that fee because they billed it after I signed the paperwork. I said that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to say all along. So I’m going to keep my fingers crossed today because it appears that the mayor is going to try to get the whole $2600 waived so we can close Friday or Monday. But he said he had to go because he was going to the Lowellville festival which I’m really ticked off about because I forgot about it. I’m going to go there tomorrow by myself to the festival and walk around and enjoy myself!!! Like my parents taught me at a very young age, if you want something done right you just do it yourself.