Monthly Contest For Supporters of my how to tutorial blog!

At the end of each month, maybe more depending on my time…. we will have a drawing for gift cards, self created items, sweets and other interesting things for my followers, so if your not following yet and only reading and if you follow you’ll be included in the drawings and contests!

  1. First contest held by video will be a drawing with my sexy six original. If any of you aren’t following you’ll have to follow to continue in the contests!! I currently have three faithful readers/followers and hundreds of readers so unless you follow these three gals will be in all the contests!!
  2. Our final contest will be a home flip quiz and it will begin once the home is completed and listed and you’ll have 24 hours to complete and the first follower to answer 90 percent or higher will win! I will set a specific page up for the quiz so read my posts as all the answers will be in the blog! That will be a $50 gift card.

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