WTF was I thinking……

So the condition of the interior and the exterior of the home…. right about now….Is when I look around and I say to myself WTF were you thinking buying this house and then I remember with all pretty things they have to be ugly first in terms of a flip home.

I had to get pretty creative today when Lowes brought my truck I mean trucks I had two of them. When I first got there once again Lowellville was messing with the drain pipes again with the truck in front of the driveway and I let him know he’s gonna have to move that truck in about an hour. So both of the trucks arrived three or four guys hopped off got a lot of the stuff loaded into the spot I had cleaned on the one side of the garage and I noticed the flatbed had a whole bunch of palletts …. speaking of pallets I copped five of them today for one of my projects using pallet wood I’m so excited.

So I had planned on taking all of the hardware off of the cabinets from the kitchen that were already in the garage figured I mix up my hot water with dawn detergent and white vinegar getting ready to spray them and washing them down with this solution that I have and I looked up where my sprayer was at in the basement realizing that Matt and Ian had totally blocked the entrance to the basement with stuff that needs to go in the dumpster on Wednesday now. And so going into the basement getting the chemicals and everything that I needed to clean these cabinets lugging them in through the house up the steps out the side door down the hill and in the garage was just not a option for my feet today So I made the decision to bring 1/2 of the cabinets to my house here and I took care of that job this evening I just finished up. I was so sweaty and hot up there that sweat was literally rolling off of my face and I was thinking about all the calories I was burning until I got home and then ate which defeated the purpose.

I spent a good oh I want to say over an hour chatting with the delivery guy from Lowe’s that did all the work for me getting it into my garage and we started to chat about this and that because I was so hot I just didn’t want to work anymore LOL and he started to tell me about his life growing up and how he had a lot of white friends and he just didn’t see color and they just saw each other as friends and so we talked about the newer generation moving on from racism. And in the interim … I don’t know how we got on the subject of the IRS LOL but he was explaining to me that he had a major issue with the IRS and that it bothered him and I said well what do you mean do you owe them money he said yes and a lot of it. So I said well that’s a good thing because if you owe them a lot of money that means you made a lot of money where he began to explain to me that he was an independent contractor truck driver and that in 2016 he made $90,000 and 2017 he made $120,000 driving a truck. And he said his girlfriend told him that she knew how to do taxes and then she would take care of his tax returns… Wait for it… Apparently she did not know how to do a schedule C when you’re self-employed and you have to pay that 15.8% self-employment tax on the money that you made so she didn’t pay the 15.8% self-employment tax on some $210,000 of ordinary income …you do the math, including interest and fines he now owes the IRS $40,000. And she also didn’t take any deductions for him for the mileage he drove in his truck because he told me that the company he worked for said that they take the mileage not him. So I said didn’t you tell me that the company 1099’d you and that you were self-employed as an independent contractor? So I told him that he could amend his 2016 and his 2017 return if he did the 2016 by April 2020 and he probably could take all his gas and truck expenses and maybe knock $30,000 off that 40 that he owes. The IRS has a program that you can request for penalties to be reduced or almost eliminated under certain circumstances. I said listen Tafari yes his name is Tafari and I kept calling him Safari give me your cell phone number because I’m gonna text you every day till you tell me you went to see a CPA and paid them $600 to fix those two returns for you. So despite I was aggravated with the whole damn mess at that house up there I feel OK that God sort of put me on a path with this kid so I can help him get his return fixed up. Now Tafari doesn’t know this yet, but I’m going to text him tomorrow and offer to amend both of his returns for free in exchange for five days of labor at the house LOL. I figure I’ll grab up his two tax returns, take them back to my house pop a K cup In my Keurig and sit in my nice air-conditioned house doing his tax returns while he’s sweating up there. Is that wrong? 💁🏻 So Tafari I know you asked for my blog so you can read it so if you see this don’t try to side click my call because I know where you work . 😂😂😂

Published by Cyn

I like to keep busy, help as many people as I can and am very spiritual and believe that we are not in control of our lives and that God makes all our choices by changing events throughout our days. One tiny change in my life is a domino affect on millions of people.

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