Lowes is so disorganized in the irrational way they run their customer service makes me wonder how they make any money …..

I had to pull my orders up at Lowe’s.com today because I ordered a 5 gallon can of Cabot deck resurfacer and I don’t want them to deliver me a tintable can with no color so I wanted to add my color to it. Two weeks ago, I had to do the exact same thing for my paint except that I had two 5 gallon cans of that. So I called pick up and I told the girl at the desk hey can you mix my Sherwin-Williams paint in such and such in such and such color and make sure it goes on my truck mixed. She says to me oh maam I’m sorry we don’t do that you have to come into the store and tell us what color you want on that paint because too often than not many customers order these big paint cans and then they don’t come pick them up and we are stuck with them. I said maam these paint cans are delivering to my address and I already paid for them so how can you possibly get stuck with them . She insisted that I had to drive in there and tell her what paint colors I wanted. So I drove 90 minutes round-trip to the Lowe’s store in Boardman Ohio and I walked up to the pick up desk and I said hello I’m Cyndi order number such and such I want such and such colors have a nice day and I left . I was told a week later by a manager in there that I didn’t have to do that he said the next time just call In and we will pull from order and mix it. So today became that next time and I had to call In to have my Cabot deck resurfacer mixed. I got the same girl at this pick up desk who said oh ma’am…. At this point I’m thinking to myself here we go again here we go again she does not know her job … we don’t mix paint like that you have to come in and tell me what color you want because all too often more than not customers will mix up paint and then they don’t come pick it up and we are stuck with it . I said to her can I ask you a question she replied yes go ahead and I said do you drink a lot of water during the day and she said yes I said does it make you have to pee more than usual she had this really puzzled look on her face and she said yes it does and I said well what if I told you in order to use the bathroom for something that basic and simple you would have to drive 90 miles to my house to use bathroom facilities and return to work… would that throw a wrench into your day and she nodded her head yes . She said I don’t know what that has to do with the stain can and I said well me telling you I want my stain mixed in this color is way easier than you having to Use the bathroom and you’re not able to do it without me driving 90 minutes… I asked for a manager at which time I was transferred five times to five different people and I had to explain my story five times to five different people. On the fifth time she said hold on I said no no no no no no no no no don’t put me on hold set the phone down and page a manager so I can hear you paging him. So she does that and this manager by the name of Frank got on the phone I told him what I wanted to do he said it was taken care of the stain will be at the desk after we mix up your stain color we will put it back on your truck for Monday delivery. Just like that . 😳 I’m starting to think that every Lowe’s store should be run by nothing but a giant group of managers. Having just told you that headache of a story while I was on the Internet looking up this order to give the Lowe’s order number to Lowe’s to mix the stain I realized they overcharged me by $320 on this order. So explaining to the girl at lowes.com how I was overcharged she said I’m going to have to get the credit cleared from my manager ….. I don’t want this manager working at My store in Ohio ….. because she comes back and she says my manager said we can’t give you the discount on the shingles because you already use the 10% movers coupon and we can’t double stack the coupons and I said that’s not double stacking the 20% off the shingles is for a bulk order a completely different situation you have to give me the 20% plus the 10% and if you don’t want to do that I’ll cancel the shingles and re-order them and she says to me yes that’s what I thought but my manager said no … I said will you please go back and tell her it’s two separate discounts if they bulk discount for buying more than 48 bundles plus my movers coupon she goes back to her manager comes back OK yeah she said you’re right we can issue the credit today. I make this blog up on flipping the house so people can see it’s not quite as easy as you think it is and by the end of the blog and home sale if I made $50,000 I deserved every last dollar of it because I worked 10 hours around the clock for three months dealing with nothing but incompetency. I’m not trying to puff up my ego or anything but if the people I dealt with were only half as competent as me this would be a breeze and anybody could do it . I think that most successful people in this world today and I mean successful as in effectively running their own household, paying your bills on time, keeping your credit good, paying their car, keeping their car and home maintenance up and actually functioning like a normal human being, I think if everybody acted in that manner it would reflect all the way down to their jobs and life would be so much easier but the fact of the matter is we’re not all functional adults sadly. So I want to say a special thank you to all of you out there who function at a normal level making everybody else’s lives much easier .

Published by Cyn

I like to keep busy, help as many people as I can and am very spiritual and believe that we are not in control of our lives and that God makes all our choices by changing events throughout our days. One tiny change in my life is a domino affect on millions of people.

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