Why you could never make more than $75,000 a year flipping homes……

The closing on this home was so stressful, that there is no way I would have any more stamina left in me to flip more than two homes a year. So when this one’s done listed and sold I will take three months off and do one more and take a break. I counted up […]

Karma has a really funny way of rearing its ugly face doesn’t it…

So if you’ve been following my blog in my posts, you would’ve been reading about this ugly 2650 fee that the Lowellville Village was trying to get me to pay. We ended up getting at least 13 people involved including the Lowellville village attorney yesterday well I guess I shouldn’t say we I should see […]

Restoration hardware hacks…… With greatness there always has to come a little bit of not so great 😭💁🏻

In one of my previous posts, I talked about the Restoration Hardware hacks and lighting and how I love to use my go to site aliexpress.com because a lot of their lighting is sourced to restoration hardware or it is exactly like it. I’m going to post a couple of pictures of a couple of […]

$13.50 barn door tutorial….You heard that right … 13.50 and about eight hours of work!!!!

This post is a tutorial on how to make a cheap barn door For $13.50 using pine sheathing that is not sanded. Sidenote: you can also use Birch and Oak plywood 1/2 inch and they finish gorgeous! I have also previously used a sheet of wood siding cut to size and it was great too. I burned that one with the torch and it was very unique.

How I got a $434 porcelain backsplash for the kitchen for $182.37….

My goal in flipping this home this time is for me to make maximum profit. So every time I can figure out a way to save a couple hundred dollars on a particular remodel that we are doing, it’s money in my pocket. So I wanted to do a glass or porcelain backsplash, but I […]

Yes I’m still dealing with this $2600 fee from the village 🙄🙄🙄…

So I’m sitting here thinking nobody’s calling me back and how do I get this rectified like a soon as possible. So I decided I would email the mayor in the village and explain to him what is going on. So I sent this big long email to him, he returned my phone call and […]