The importance of doing your homework before you purchase a home for a flip…

The importance of doing your homework before you purchase a home for a flip is crucial in making. Profit. I spent about two months looking for this home there are a lot of things I was looking for in it that had to be just right for me to make a profit that I thought […]

Working on some curb appeal waiting for Matt to get there ….

So before I go into my long post about how much fun it was up there today just imagine me rolling my eyes right now, first things first is soon as I took my shower after a long day I had some roasted marshmallows ! 😍😍😍 I arrived up to the house somewhere around 8:45 […]

I might be a little ahead of the game but I did have my two paint colors mixed the other day for delivery tomorrow ….

I’m really big on grey paint colors or greige colors which are a mix between your beige and your gray because they’re kind of warm colors and great selling colors when you’re trying to sell your home quickly and I’ve kind of stuck to these two colors previously is by Sherwin-Williams and one is […]

She closed it and didn’t owe the fine…… Did anybody think it would go any other way 💁🏻

So after three or four more days of a haggling with about 10 different people, I finally closed the house on Thursday, and we had Kellan for three or four days so he got to go to his very first house closing. My husband and I were laughing saying a four-year-old going to his first […]