What I got into today over there 😳😳😳

OK so I went out primarily because my window guy was supposed to meet me there but of course not everybody can be as responsible as me and he didn’t show up so I stayed and got some things done. I wanted to do some more power spraying because I wanted to get at least two sides of the four car garage power cleaned out because I’m going to be painting my kitchen cabinets in there and I didn’t want any dust so I did that and I power sprayed the garage doors in a little bit of the garage and then of course I went into the dreaded basement. I’m not gonna lie I seriously had to psych myself for about an hour and a half before I went in. the I wanted to do some more power spraying because as I’ve said numerous times I don’t really like spiders and bugs . Matt and I did work a couple of days and took all of the paneling out of there and again I said I was NOT going to work down there and I did. I used the power sprayer on the ceiling on the walls on the floor I poured probably three or 4 gallons of white vinegar in there to clean it and then when I was done I texted Matt I made it very clear to him that I’m never going down there again and that he’s going to surprise me with the finished plan. I have a 5 gallon can of dry lock I have 7 gallons of oil base gray floor paint and he’s going to finish the bathroom and do all the stuff down there and I never ever want to go in there again until he’s done . I think I got bit by a spider down there but didn’t actually see any spiders 🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷 there I just assumed that I probably got bit. LOL I’ll post a few really ugly pictures so everybody can understand why I don’t want to go down there 🙈 it doesn’t look like this anymore because for a couple of days we created that and then took it all outside and shoveled it in the bags so it looks way better than this but still not painted yet and it’s still not dry locked and the ceiling isn’t painted yet which I’m going to just spray the entire basement ceiling white everything white!

Because I always like to pick one thing while I’m there and finish it completely so that I’m not so twisted because I didn’t get anything done I decided to paint my front door with my paint that I couldn’t wait to see what it looked like and I fell in love with it. Lexie and I never really like the same things but I sent her a picture of it she said that door is so awesome I can’t believe you did that with the door. She’s like when you were telling me purple I was thinking what …. the brand name of this paint is called Front Door Paint. The color is called spontaneous if anybody’s interested in it. And as far as I know Lowes does not sell it you can only buy it at Home Depot. They have a lot of vibrant colors that would really pop your front entrance and the cost is anywhere between $39 and $45 a quart. But I did notice I got two coats on my front door at home in the deep navy blue on both sides and I still have about half of it left. I’m going to paint the kitchen door in Lowellville that deep blue because I made an island in there with that color on it. It is a waterbase and low VOC it is very environmentally friendly . Here is a before and after picture . I also put a new door lock on it that was a pain in the neck because I don’t care how good of a contractor you are plan on spending anywhere between five minutes and 60 minutes on finding the screws in the other handle and it’s just a hit or a miss… I have gotten them installed in four minutes but today took me 65 minutes . 😐🙄🤬🤬 siding looks blue in the picture but it’s actually gray.

OK looking at this front porch straight on I did power spray it …it was literally black from no one ever cleaning it for 40 years so I did bring some life back into it but I do need something else up there I just don’t know what to do yet. The steps are too skinny to put any rugs on them so I’m def going to put a pot of flowers on each side of the door but most likely since I’ll be listing at the end of September the flowers will be dead so I’ll put those fake haciendas Definitely a big kind a green wreath with some fall flowers and stuff in it I also have a door knocker and a kickplate to install so it’ll be pretty cool when I’m done.

What’s on my agenda for next week; I think I’m going to work on my deck I bought that cabinet deck resurfacing paint in a slate gray so I’m excited to see what that’ll look like everything else will be white and I’ll put those little toppers on the end post, I have some lights to install in the front of the steps solar lights there. I’ll probably get solar lights for the top of the posts on the deck. I told Matt I was kind of done on the inside until he got to laying the floor and the trim and then I would help them again but I wanted to get the outside all done so when he’s done I can just list . I am taking care of the entire kitchen myself too. I’m going to try to paint the cabinets up there but I know that sometimes I won’t feel like going up so I’ll bring six or eight of them home and so I have something to work on here . My daughter just text me and said that her son told her his favorite people in the world were poppy and his mother. You people don’t know how many times I drag my ass to that damn animal park in Grove city because we have passes and he wants to go every 20 minutes. I’m gonna tell Poppy to go pick Lexie up and you guys can go LOL while I sleep.

This is the two pictures of the double French doors that I want to remove there in the dining room in that one picture is straight on from inside the room and the other picture is what it looks like when you’re looking out the window from outside. If you look at the exterior picture you’ll notice that if we put a deck out there it would be real close to the door entering into the basement and it Chyna would be an unusable space even going up to that side deck so I decided that I would take out the French doors and put a window in there there’s like maybe 6’ x 36” and it slides open and if you look at the exterior picture you’ll notice that if we put a deck out there it would be real close to the door entering into the basement and it would be an usable space even going up to that side deck so I decided that I would take out the French doors and put a window in there it’s 67 inch by 36. I priced the windows out at Lowe’s and they were somewhere around $400 which is kind of over my budget but factoring in I would be able to cancel $300 worth of decking wood for my order it kind of helped out and so I decided to take a trip to a place called Star Supply Bargain Center In Youngstown Ohio because they sell windows there that are really discounted and they’re the same name brand Lowes sells. I put the directions to star supply in my GPS and I’m not able to show you my GPS I’m gonna tell you how to get there in case you want to go. You head down Glenwood Avenue and you bust a left onto I hope I don’t get shot by a flying bullet once you get through that trauma you hang a right onto is that person shooting some drugs up in that door over there street then head straight onto there are police everywhere Avenue and you should run right into the store and when I say run into the store I mean run into the store from your car . 😳😂 I shopped around a little bit in there I found a lot of things I want to get for the finishing part of it but I did find my window I did get it into my jeep with some help from a really nice guy that worked there and I did get it into my garage back in Lowellville so it is ready for Ron to install in that the French door place. I’m going to have a gap down there in the bottom about 3’ x 60 some inches where there is going to be no Siding so that’s encouraging me even more to expose that window we found in the living room because I can cut that siding out and use it in the back so I’ll be good! If not I’ll find something really unique to fill in there under the window maybe stone or something or brick .

Final part of my very long post today I talked about the Lowellville Village bringing me that 2 1/2 ton dump truck to load that stuff and well I thought I would do Matt and his nephew a little favor and start loading it but when I arrived there from star supply I realized I needed a damn step ladder to get up on that truck to put the stuff in there it was legit 5 feet high . I got my little two-step ladder and thought I would get up there at least fix what I did but then I realized I don’t think there would be anyway that I can get back down I would have to jump 5 feet and probably sprained my ankle . 💁🏻 Needless to say only four things got put in there and those boys will do the rest .

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I like to keep busy, help as many people as I can and am very spiritual and believe that we are not in control of our lives and that God makes all our choices by changing events throughout our days. One tiny change in my life is a domino affect on millions of people.

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