Closing issues ughhh

So as many of you know, I have been trying to close on this house for a week. There was an issue with the Lowellville Village not being able to get in the interior of the home for an inspection, which I didn’t really care about because everything they would’ve found in the home we were already going to fix. But I got a call from the village inspector today, and he said I wasn’t going to like the news he had as he had sent me a certified letter out.. So I said what’s up Nick…. Just tell me now before I get the letter so I don’t have a panic attack in the next 24 hours. So he listed all the things which I knew we were already going to fix it. It was no big deal to me and then he said you’re not gonna like the next thing. Apparently, he’s been trying to get inside the home for four months on an interior inspection through the Realty Company and they ignored all of his certified letters and they were fully aware he was fining them $50 a day until he got inside the home so there’s a total fine of $2600 in fines owed on that home that someone has to pay. The village inspector said generally the buyer pays it, and I said well this buyer isn’t getting nickel and dimed this time. He proceeded to tell me the house has a value of about $100,000 and you’ll make a lot of money. I said to him buddy I paid 33,000 for the house I have $5000 in repairs and a $7000 material bill I did not let him know that I got discounts on my material it was none of his business, there were back end fees in realtor fees, and often times the seller will say will you help with closing there’s another $5000, there’s Irs…they want 40% of my what I made. Do I stand to make a sizable chunk of change yes I do and I deserve it because it was my risk that I took, and I’m not going to pay $2600 fine for a realty company that was too lazy to let the village inspector in the home for four months. So the majority of my day will be spent figuring which of the four groups are going to pay the 2600 and I’m not going to be in the mix. The inspector did tell me if he would work with me on it if I could get some of the other people to pay and I promised him I would get all of the other people to pay all of it. This is how you lose in these deals when things like this come up and it starts chunking at your profit before you know it you got 20 grand gone in a second so you have to put your foot down and just say no and know that there’s another house down the road.

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I like to keep busy, help as many people as I can and am very spiritual and believe that we are not in control of our lives and that God makes all our choices by changing events throughout our days. One tiny change in my life is a domino affect on millions of people.

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  1. When I try to like your blog, it says user doesn’t exist 🤔 I’m thinking huh I got here through the email I got today, how do I not exist? Keep it up girlie. I’m learning 😁


    1. Hmmm. If you follow me I don’t know why it won’t allow you to like a post…I’ll research and let you know…😀


    1. I’ve been working on it all day then I remembered Freddie Mac homes are lien free so I recommended the village file a tax lien and when the title is rerun the lien will surface and bank will owe it. It’s sad because the other listing agent caused it but she refused to pay it. I’m just allowing it to play out today after I stirred the pit with five calls 😏


  2. And I’m pretty sure the village inspector didn’t file a tax lien weeks ago was because he wanted to keep collecting the $ 50 fine fee….his greed got the best of him because if he would have filed at the $ 2600 mark he would already have his check when we closed yesterday! Hopefully it will all be rectified in a few days!


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